Monday, May 6, 2013

Would YOU Play In This Tournament?

by Novus

I had an odd idea for a tournament format last week and it’s been poking me in the back of the head ever since.  Typically, 40k game tournaments are a set number of rounds between a set number of players.  What if rounds didn't matter and there were any number of players?

At its core, my idea is based on player/army efficiency.  A winning player gets rewarded not only with the points for the win but also with the opportunity to play another game with any available player, thus racking up more points.  The more games you play, the more chances to win, and the more points you score.

The main goal here is to get all the players playing as much as possible.

As a starting point, these are the parameters I imagine for a tournament like this:
  • Army point limit is 750, must have one HQ and at least one Troop choice.
  • Allies and 40k Approved Forgeworld models are allowed.
  • Table terrain is fixed.
  • Fortifications may be used.  Bastions and Skyshields are swapped in place of one piece of fixed terrain in the owning players deployment zone.  Fortresses of Redemption are not allowed. 
  • The overall time for the tourney is 5 hours.
  • Winning Primary Objectives is worth 3 points, Secondary objectives are 1 each, and Kill points 1/unit.
  • Ties and loses with respect to Primary and Secondary Objectives add no points.  Kill points always add points.
  • Whenever a game is completed, each player is matched with any available player no matter how many games they have completed (i.e. rounds are irrelevant).
  • TO’s will attempt to match winners with winners and losers with losers, where possible.
  • Players may never play the same opponent more than once per day, provided there are enough players to achieve this.
  • Each player has a game log where game outcome (win/loss/draw), Objectives scoring, and Kill Points is recorded.  The opponent and the player verify and sign each other’s log at the end of each game.
  • The player with the most verified points at the end of the time allotment, wins the tourney.
  • If there are an odd number of players, the available player is matched with the winner of any completed game.

This is very much an Honor System… er, system.  With the lower point value armies and the continuous and limitless scoring system, it could be pretty fun.

What do you think?


  1. I don't think there is any kind of tourney like this, so to give my personal opinion wouldn't really mean anything. however I would defiantly play in this as it seems extremely fun and kind of has an endurance aspect to it. where if you have a bad couple matches you can totally make up by playing a crap ton more games. I kind of feel like trying this out at my local store!

    1. Yeah, my two BAO team tournament forays seemed like there were a lot of folks waiting around for their next game. With this you just go until time is called. Let me know if/how it works out!

  2. It seems fun as a beer and pretzel type tournament. However, if I put on my lawyer hat, kill points and small armies seem overly powerful. Even at 750, most people will have more than 3 units, and so a glass cannon army that can rack up KP even without primary obj, seems like a good way to game the system.

    Ultimately what you are doing is not a tournament, its a league over 1 day, reminds me alot of arena magic back in the day, where it was generally the person that played the most that won, regardless of wins and losses. In this format, one drawn out game could easily put you well behind in points, and playing horde armies becomes almost a hindrance.

    Perhaps you could have just the top three games points count to determine winners. That way three good games might beat the person that plays 10 games and loses all of them. It doesnt penalize slow players (particularly new ones who will be more willing to do small 750 pt games) but still allows players to reap benefits from playing more games.

    just my two cents.

    1. Tyler, I see your point on the KPs. I really didn't spend a lot of time thinking the points through.

      So what you are saying is only use Primary and Secondary objectives? Or you get a flat 10 points per win? Or something like that?

      Thanks for the input, BTW!

  3. Novus its your B.A.O. partner. it sounds pretty cool i would play in it.i think it would need to get tested first tho but all great ideas do

    1. Dude, I know who you are! WTF? Thanks! Maybe I'll run it by Reece...

    2. ya man let me know how it goes im up to help you throw it all together if you need extra hands


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