Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bitz Swap at Frontline Gaming!


You have spare bitz?  I have spare bitz.  We all have spare bitz that we're probably never going to use but would otherwise be a slice of fried gold to other folks.  So, Green Stuff Industries and Frontline Gaming are getting together to sponsor their first ever Bitz Swap event!

"Where and when will this be?" you ask.  This amazing event will be held at...

700 Alhambra Ave Ste 704
Martinez, CA 94553
Saturday, September 14th, 5-7pm

Remember, Frontline offers daily discounts of up to 20% on most game systems!

Bring your tubs of spare bitz, or even entire models, for trading!  I'll be bringing my 40k bitz, a bunch of fantasy bases I'll never use, and some bitz from a few other models I've collected over the years.  Anything is fair game!  If you don't need it, other gamers might!

Drop in, swap some bitz, and maybe catch a game!  See you there!

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