Thursday, February 5, 2015

My PHR Are Ready For The LVO!

by Novus

I can finally field a fully painted PHR army, with variations!  I would have posted these as they got finished but I broke my camera.  I'm actually ready for the LVO a month ahead of time!

The background is my WIP display board for the LVO, which I'm having a blast doing.  It's a nice break from the models themselves.

My fully painted army, so far...

My heavy group.  Mostly I run the Zeus and an Odin (or maybe a Hyperion if I'm short on points) in a Neptune.  Haven't found much use for an Enyo, yet.

Phobos' are among my favorite units.  I like being able to reach out and touch aircraft at range.

I've got 5 Neptunes, but only three are painted.  Typically I only run two for the command squad and one other squad.  They are fully magnetized.

My troops are usually only 2 squads of Immortals and 1 squad of Sirens.  But, I thought it was best to finish the troops first as I thought they would be the biggest pain to finish.  Best move I made during this paint job.  I hate painting 10mm troops.

What they are standing on is a beta of a 10mm terrain piece I'll hopefully have a few of at the LVO.  Come by the table and see if they (and others) made it to me on time!

I've also got 4 Tritons fully painted, but only ever needed 3.  My troops travel in style!

The Athena is a crazy shark of a unit.  I know the meta is generally against flyers at a tournament, but being able to pick off transports behind enemy lines is pretty important.

I like the idea of Taranis', but they've never really done any serious damage, in game.  They really need a third rocket option.  A medium strength (Strength: 7?) medium blast weapon.  Something to hit buggies and low armor units.  Or, a one-shot napalm barrage!

Apollos are just bad-ass.  I can't wait until the Hera drops.  I really like the idea of a jump-mech army!  I have 8 of these things!  Only 4 are painted.

I have them modeled with the crappy Manslayer gun on them but still run the railgun in my list.  It's not WYSIWYG, but no one has said anything about it, yet.

The Helios is the best PHR unit there is!  I'll probably get another pair of them if I can think of even a bad reason to.  These guys are hunters of the highest order. 

I've just recently started using Erebos.  I really like them.  They are more of a psychological weapon than anything, I think.  That jamming bubble is pretty scary, I guess.

Again, they are modeled with the wrong gun, but the rail gun just looks so... "meh." 

Mercury's and Triton B's are a great combo.  I needed a way to easily identify them on the table, hence the yellow cockpits with the diamonds-and-skulls.

If you could mix units (say Type 1 walkers with Type 2's and 3's) I think Poseidons would be much more useful.  I'd use it to move my Hades, but I think it's better to let the Hades hoof-it and use those points for more firepower.

The Hades and the Poseidon are both magnetized, as you can see.

The Hades, though a giant point-sink, I think is essential to the PHR.  It's faster than most other PHR units, it hits very hard, and it can repair other units.  Plus, it has the only decent PHR blast weapon.

This guy was a whole lot of fun to paint!

Very sinister!

I'm really looking forward to playing in the DzC tourney at the LVO.  I'll likely get my teeth kicked in, but that's nothing new!   Hopefully, I'll see you there!

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  1. I'm playing in the 40k friendly tournament, so hopefully I'll have plenty of time to come check out your army!

    1. Yeah, I love running around and checking out all the other stuff at the event, too! This LVO sounds like a very busy place. See you there!


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