Monday, August 10, 2015

PHR Long Reach Team - Base Conversion

by Novus

I saw a great modification of Resistance Freeriders (over on Orbital Bombardment) the other day and decided that I'd like to try and augment my new PHR Long Reach Sniper Team bases.  Tart them up a bit, as it were.

Dropzone is a great game, but I sometimes miss the conversion opportunities games like 40k offer.

Seeing as they would spend 99% of their time in a building, or at least in cover, I'd try my hand at a 10mm diorama/conversion.  So, why not set them up in a ruined building, long after the Scourge conquest of Earth and the Cradle Worlds?

The only Hawk supplied parts on these bases are the LRT personnel.  Everything else is hand made by me or scavenged from GSI laser cut projects.

Oddly, a paper hole punch circle is about the same size as the base ring of one of these guys.  All I did was take two layers of 0.040" styrene sheet, cut them to size, then punch the hole in one where I thought the guys should go, and then glue the layers together.  All that was left after that was sanding the edges until I got the shape I needed.

I purposely made the outsides plain because I wanted the focus to be on the inside and the snipers.

The outside fits together pretty nicely, too!

I was going for a warehouse look.  That's why the pipes and oversized (note the Tentacle Maker work) and there is a faded billboard/mural on that corner bit.

It took me a total of about 8 hours over 4 days to put these together and paint them.  There was a ton of cutting and dry-fitting going on for the first two days.

I'm still working on my Resistance army, but it's slow going seeing as I'm still all about the PHR.  Especially with all the new units that just came out!  I can't wait to use the Medusa and Triton-X!  Plus, the Valkyries look like they will fill a fairly vacant spot for PHR... the combat scout!  Interesting times ahead for DzC!

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