Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This is some Bad-Assery!
In an effort to make posting your Tentacle Maker work in the GSI gallery easier, GSI is now on Facebook!  A few new photos have been added, so give it a fresh look.  Just click the Gallery button in the upper right.

If you want to add pictures of your Tentacle Maker work to the Gallery, just upload the photos to your profile and tag them “Green Stuff Industries.”  Your pics will automatically be added to the gallery for all to see!

Also, Dark Future Games just posted Forge World Decimator Enhanced by Green Stuff Industries (photo from that post, above)!  The Decimator is a great model but what CVinton did to it just pushes it over the top!

Aaaaaand if you are so inclined, do GSI some solids and …
  • Click the Google “G+1” link over on the right just above the GSI Blog List .
  • Follow the GSI bog!  Why you want to do this will become apparent in the coming weeks!
  • Like GSI on FACEBOOK!  There is a "Like" widget below.



  1. Finally! I'm glad ya made the leap! I'm back in school and cleaning out a workspace, once that's done I'll be working on a project that the tentacle makers might be perfect for!

    1. Yeah, I finally came around. Should be way easier for both me and you all. Thanks for the suggestion 'way back when!


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