Monday, March 25, 2013

Gore, Fire, and Dragons

by Marlon of Evil Fluffy Creatures (Portuguese)
In these last few months since my previous guest post, I've been experimenting with a lot of forms, shapes, and ideas to make more eye-catching figures for our tabletops. I just produced three new ones by toying around with the concepts of gore and hellfire - pretty chaotic stuff - and I hope you like what I've done!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wait... What?!!! 100K Unique Views? HOW?

Well, at some point over the weekend this modest blog surpassed 100,000 views.  That's in just over about 16 months.  Which to me is sorta crazy.


Latest Review: The Screaming Heretic

In other news, Joe and the folks over at The Screaming Heretic did a fine review of the Tentacle Maker.  They really liked it and I'll be joining them on their podcast in the very near future as a follow up to the review.  Here are links to the page and podcast in question.

The part of the review that struck me, that I hadn't really thought about before, was that they really liked how easy it is for a novice Greenstuffer to get great results quickly.  It's really great to hear when you are successful in reaching your design goal!

Product News

I'm expecting a new prototype of Tentacle Maker this week.  If all goes to plan, it should be a pretty damned cool looking pattern... provided the thing works out.

I'm also creating more template-like game aids in the coming weeks, as well.

Stay tuned!

New Art In The Gallery

Be sure to look at the other great new work hanging in the gallery, too!  Just click on this link or the green Gallery button in the upper right of this page!

Guest Contributors Wanted!

GSI is still accepting guest posts submissions!  Just let me know what you want to post about and we'll hammer out the "when" of it all.  Send your ideas to...


Thanks to all of you out there who check in on GSI every once in awhile!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

WIP Chaos Vindicator Conversion - Sculpting Finished

by Novus

Well, now that the BAO is behind me I was finally able to catch up on some of the stuff I put aside in preparing for it.  Specifically for this post, finishing the modifications to my Possessed Vindicator.  The time off helped.  Seeing all those amazing models at the event got me thinking, which generated some interesting ideas and realizations.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BAO 2013 - Perfection To the End

by Novus

I’m wiped out. The Bay Area Open this last weekend was amazing! 144 singles players for 40k, about 50 WHFB, 22+ teams in the team event, a giant narrative event, a bushel of astounding models and armies, and some really cool vendors!  The guys at Frontline did a stupendous job!
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