Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Status Update

Well, it's been awhile.

Since my last post I've started a new job.  Had to move my laser 22 miles.  Played a bit on the war table, here and there.  And begun really enjoying the Scourge of Dropzone Commander.

The Scourge are very different from what I'm used to with the PHR.  It's odd to be able to chase and CATCH things.  I'm really looking forward to the v2 release, now.

Speaking of DzC v2, it's pretty awesome. So far, there's only been a couple of things that need clarification, like searching after you are part of a CQB.  There's a couple of things that might need to be toned down, like Flame weapons/Fire and the Flamer on the Desolator (I'd make it a 2 shot attack rather than a 3 shot).

That photo above is my bench.  Lot's of DzC units need painting and some scenery, too!

My new job has me commuting far more and sometimes working on the weekends.  My content will likely be scarce, unfortunately.  I'm working on a few new products but the lack of time really eats in to me finishing them.  I'm hoping to have 6+ new products completed by the time DzC v2 drops.  I'm finding that I need to sacrifice posting to be able to get the other stuff done.

Either way, I'm still hobby-ing!  I'll post when I can.

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