Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Defiler Kit Bash

by Marlon

This Chaos Defiler came out of a discussion with a friend of mine, where I said I don't like the original, boxy look of the top hull. Since I am in the process of re-creating my entire Chaos Space Marine force to prepare for the new codex and I am using an Iron Warrior-esque scheme, he suggested I go with some organic parts along with some Fantasy bits. I felt Tomb Kings would be the best fit for a Tzeentch-y/Old Beast look. That aesthetic would fit nicely alongside my other Daemon Prince I did.

So I took the Defiler, the Soul Grinder and the Necrosphynx kits and merged them together with Green Stuff.  I used the back of my detail brush on the Green Stuff to blend the joints between the parts for a fleshy transition between living thing and machine. This allowed me to create recesses and pools for the skin wash. Initially, my thought would be creating a mettalic skull, but then my wife suggested a flame effect to go with the sword. It would be a good substitute for a Heavy Flamer too. The cannon arm is a heavily modded Soul Grinder Arm with an IG Nova Cannon bit to make up for the BattleCannon.

Up until that point I had all basics covered, but something was missing to tie everything together. It was at that time I stumbled across the From the Warp Blog and found about the Tentacle Maker. The idea to make some power cables to go with the chains came out almost immediatly and helped to give me a sort of unchained mechanic beast feel. The metals are all drybrushed Gold Tones on top of a very dark wash to give a burnt contrast.

The ripped apart Ork is acutally a nod and a wink to our local Ork player, and a great friend of mine: We usually tease each other in our local meta by painting our armies with some sort of "citation" to our friends models and color schemes... to revive our healthy rivalry. Usually, this comes out in a gruesome way, but everyone seems to like anyway. The scene tries to quote a game we had back in the 5th where his orks were locked in assault against my Old Defiler late in the game and were subsequently slain in a similar fashion due to some very, very poor rolling of his :P

It came around later, though: I bet his Big Mek With Shock Attack Gun is still proud of destroying my Swarmlord turn one thanks to a bad scatter of the blast marker. His model will probably contain a Tyranid being teleported into nothingness one day.    
Thanks to Paulo for the defiler idea and to Wellington for the always awesome Ork slaying matches!


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