Monday, June 18, 2012

6th Edition – The Great Equalizer

The 6th ed Cover?

I can’t wait for 6th!  You know why?  Because then we’ll ALL be NOOBS!

50% of gaming for me is the discovery of what can be done in-game… figuring out the finesse of it all.  I’m still in that phase with 5th and I greatly anticipate having new frontiers all over again with 6th.  I’m looking forward to no longer being the only one who has to go look things up before attempting something like a multi-charge, or the range of a Multi-melta, or any of countless other rules I don't know by heart.

Most everyone I play with at Frontline Gaming has been playing for a very long time.  They are all bemoaning the 6th ed rumors while I quietly cheer.  History will reset, as it were.  Those guys who have been playing since 5th dropped (and before) likely have 100’s of games on my noobish self and 6th will close the knowledge gap ever so slightly for me.  We’ll all be equally ignorant about this new rule set for a short time.  They’ll still have experience on me, but that experience will no longer be game specific!

Further, 6th will not only change the game, but it will change the game of talking about the game.  That is precious to those of us who enjoy having things to say, good or bad.  So far on this blog, I’ve had one relatively original idea regarding strategy; that being the Why Terrain is Stupid post.  5th is mature to the point of there being virtually no frontiers for players/bloggers to explore and I look forward to the change.

I’m also a CSM player and the new codex has me nearly wetting my pants in anticipation!  I really need to have some new psyker powers, some new cheaper units, and not feel the pull of the Grey Knights to maybe score some wins every once in a while.  I need only hold out… a …. few …. more … months.  Aaaaarrrrrrrrg!

The opportunities 6th will offer we proud gamers will increase exponentially!  We’ll all have frontiers!  Long live 6th!  Long live the Noobs!

(I just hope it doesn't suck.)


  1. I'm with you 100%, during 5th I've basically been without a gaming group and eagerly anticipate a new edition to cut my teeth on as I try to make the leap back from full time hobbyist to being a gamer. Exciting times!

    1. If you are in the Bay Area (CA) the guys at Frontline are a great bunch, if a bit on the tough side of the opponent scale.

  2. Personally, based on some of the rumors, I'm not looking forward to 6th, but I'm not already gone. From everything I've heard so far, the game isn't ruined like many (myself included) feared, just different.

    Hopefully, not too much of the game changed. I am of the opinion that fifth edition 40k was the best 40k to date and was hoping 6th would be more like Edition 5.5. We'll have to wait and see. At the very least, I want more missions and extras.

    1. I don't know Myles, it all looks pretty good to me. The only thing that looks really dicey is the allies. That can end up messing things up in a BAD WAY. If you can jump effects like fortune across to allies, things will go south very quickly. But, if it's only having a second self-contained small army on the table it might not be so bad.


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