Saturday, June 9, 2012

Omni-Template – NEW PRODUCT!

Omni-Template Cycle Anim

Green Stuff Industries is proud to introduce the Swiss Army Knife of 40k templates…

The Omni-Template!!!

Not only is the Omni-Template all three 40k templates in one handy package…
  • A flamer template!
  • A 3” blast template via the inside edge of the ring!
  • A 5” blast template via the outside edge of the ring!

… but laser etched into the surface of this convenient tool are valuable game aids!

  • The flamer template doubles as a SCATTER ruler to help measure up to 8” of scatter!
  • 45° and 90° arcs of fire are a snap with the ARC gauge!
  • Figuring out which facing of a Rhino-based vehicle is being targeted is super easy with the FACING gauge!

Because the Omni-Template is shipped with the masking paper on (in order to protect the surfaces) it can easily be personalized by spray painting it before removing the mask.

Purchase the Omni-Template for the low price of $11.95 (plus S&H).


  1. That's definitely something I'm going to have to buy. It'll make condensing down some of my extras much easier!

    1. That's great to hear, Trev! Thanks! The guys at the local store seem to like them.

  2. I really like this product. The protective film is over the clear part correct? I'd like to paint mine when I order it.

    1. Yes, the masking covers the top and bottom faces completely except for where the laser cutter etched the lettering and cut the outside form.

      You can spray paint the lettering any color you like before you remove the masking. Keep in mind that the outside edges are not masked so they will get painted too, unless you want to mask them off as well.

  3. Hi Rich, I never saw this product before! would like to get one!

    1. Hey, Michiel. Be warned: Shipping the Omni-Template overseas via priority flat rate is more expensive than the template itself. It's too big to fit in a small flat rate box, unfortunately. If you don't mind a loooong shipping time (2 weeks in transit + customs) we could probably ship it for much less. Drop me an email.


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