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Spawn! A Cranky Old Gamer Repost

For those of you who have yet to be awed by Cranky Old Gamer's work, please take a look at this repost.  There is both some great sculpting and painting as well as a bit of Tentacle Maker use.  Enjoy!

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I've wanted to convert up some Chaos Spawn for my 40k Nurgle CSM force for some time. I wasn't too thrilled with the stock models, although they did have some nice bits in that kit, and didn't look too Nurgley. You know me - when it comes to my Nurgle CSM force, it pretty much has to be a labor of love conversion. So I started on these conversions a while ago, set them aside to work on some other stuff, and finally got around to finishing them. Super happy with the results! Check inside to see the results!

The Parts

So this guy is made up of all GW bits. The base body kit is the Fantasy Battles Vargheists bodies and legs. I used the Daemon's line Blight Drones heads for these guys' heads. The arms are a mix of the Vargheist arms (the smaller, normal sized arms). Since these guys are all muted and crazy warp-mutated gangrel creatures, I decided to go with a huge mutated arm on some of them. I used the Fantasy Battles Hellpit Abomination arms on some of them for that "big beefy arm" you see on 4 out of the 5 of them. The large spines on some are from the Tryanids warriors regular sized Scything Talons. The smaller spikes on the dude with 2 regular arms are just the spikes that come with the normal Chaos Spawn kit, as well as the insect arm on the mechano-armed dude. The mechano-claw and some of the fingers that are mechanical on some of them are leftover bits from a Heldrake Kit that wasn't used. Liberal amounts of Green Stuff was used, as well as Tentacle Maker from GSI to make the guts on one of them. Bases are 40mm rounds.

Big Mechano Claw guy

Here is they guy I call "Big Mechano Claw". He's got a cybernetic claw "enhancement", no doubt due to his mischeiveious Chaos Sorcerer owner. He was a pretty fun conversion.

I'm coming to tear your face off.

I bet the insertion of that cybernetics ware has really caused an infection in that stump...

Closeup of the stump.

From the back. I tried to do a emerging sorta bed sore on his bum.

The other side of this nasty dude.

Angled above so you can see some of the detail of the erupting spines. Here's "Big Mechano Claw" with his green stuff conversions, pre-painted.


Hulk Smash! the Spawn

Not sure what to call this guy but I liked how he turned out. He's pretty basic, I made some ropey guts coming down and he has both hands up with a Hulk Smash! pose. I made this guy's gut cavern big so you can kinda see inside the rotting belly parts to see intenstines coming out. This guys's hand on the big arm is missing a finger, from the hellpit abomination model, the finger is actually part of another piece (a terrain bit) which I didnt' feel like carving out and sticking to this arm, so I figured maybe it just rotted off...

Hulk Smash!

Some rot under the left under-arm. I hear there's some pit stick with Aloe you might want to try...

Some recent damage that is getting rotted/festering on this guy's back, the open sore looks pretty good to me...

Close up of the rotting sore

I sculpted a nice big boil on this guys' back, ready to pop on his next victim...

Nice gut shot. Here's this guys green-stuff work. I really caverened out the guts part to put in some details there, along with some really detailed work on creating the open sores on the back left.

Mr. Boney Spines Spawn

This was the first guy I did. I like him as he's pretty basic and not a lot of crazy stuff going on. I did 2 regular arms on this guy, just for variety. He was the first one I really assembled and then had the idea of the crazed, warp-mutated arms on the others. I like how he turned out. A few open sores on this guy makes him complete and Nurgly.

Some rot on the neck. I hear there's a cream for that...

His back. I used the sculpting from the orginal model to make the boils, just painted them that way. The bone spines are from the Spawn kit and pinned into place. And here's the associated pictures of the green stuff work for this guy.

Boneripper the Spawn

This guy is my favorite. He's got a lot going on but he's totally bad-ass. The large fan of spines are Tyranid Warrior Scything talons, pinned into place. The body in the spike is from the Chaos Spawn Kit (I believe), and is also pinned into place. This guy also has one of those big Hellpit Abomination arms for a big smasher limb, and the middle finger is a claw from a heldrake kit. He's looking agile, mobile, and hostile and I'm sure would make me soil myself if I saw this guy coming at me!

Some detail on the corpse trophy on this guy's back spine.

Mechanical claw augmentation of this Nurgle Spawn marks him as one of his master's favorites...

Horrific, seeping, rotting wounds from the Chaos forces that caused hellish spikes to erupt from this creations' spine...

Close ups of the festering wounds...

I call this picture "The last picture from Fred the Imperial Guardsman's Go-Pro"... And here's the Green Stuff pics of this guy:

Mr. Boogie-time Force Push Spawn

I can't really figure out what pose I was going for with this guy but he has a charm all his own.

Some nice guts trailing behind him as he moves. Guts on this guy were formed with GSI's tentacle maker!

A picture of this guy's festering back...

Some damage from previous combats, now rotting and becoming infected.

Looks like some flesh was stripped from this guy's upper right arm and now is a nice brewing spot for Nurgle's rot. And here's some pictures of the Green stuff work on this guy. I built up the guts area again by removing a lot of the stomach area of the regular model, then adding the intestines, then putting rotted hole-ridden skin over it to show progressive rot.

Working on getting one of his many arms attached via pinning...

The completed model

A better angle to see the work on the intestines.

His back, with some open sores and rot.

That's a warp! (see what I did there?)

Well I hope you enjoyed these fetid creations for Father Nurgle. As always, comments and feedback welcome! Cant' wait to get some table time with these guys all painted up!

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