Wednesday, September 17, 2014

40k Terrain - Mechanical Warhorse Comms Tower

by Novus

I got hold of a Mechanical Warhorse Communication Tower kit at the BAO 2014 and, like nearly all my other hobby projects, got to it long after the fact.  It's an excellent laser cut kit at a very reasonable price.  Paints up really nice, too!

Here's a WIP shot.  This is the easiest way to paint it, I think.  Assemble the bottom and top separately, prime them black, dry brush with dark greys and metallics, lightly airbrush with white (yields a light grey and provides a filter effect), then add your weathering and rust.  Super quick and looks pretty convincing for minimal effort.

I did plant it on an Olde CD so I could tart it up with barrels, a crate, and a small tree.  Those barrels are simple to make.  See my How To post on making them HERE.

The crate is from a Pegasus Hobbies Wooden Crate set.  Oddly, the plastic they use doesn't hold washes and stuff very well so I never quite got it to match the other weathering.

The tree is a standard fish tank plant I green stuffed to the base.  The barrels and the crate are held on using Shoe Goo... which is amazing stuff for terrain.  Excellent bond whatever you stick together!

The crates were primarily weathered using some GW Technical Rust paint, some Vellejo Rust Brown, and my AK Winter Weathering kit.

You may also notice that I've added some conduit and cable using my Tentacle Maker Tool Box and some styrene tubing.


That cylinder on top is the clear cap to a spray conditioner bottle.  I took a shortcut with the fittings at the ends of the Tentacle Maker cables and cut small pieces of a WD-40 applicator straw and glued them to the connection points then glued the Tentacle Maker tubes into them.

Lately I've become a fan of the super weathered look.  It's just a lot of fun to paint/weather that way.

For the price, you can't beat this kit!  It gives you a nice flyer-blocking piece that you can dress up really nice.  I also imagine four of these sticking up from the bottom section of an Imperial Bastion to counts-as a Void Shield Generator!

Mechanical Warhorse has other great kits, as well.  Give them a look or check them out at your local GT if you see their booth.

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  1. Awesome work, man! Love how that turned out.

    1. Thanks, Mordian! Yeah, turned out pretty good considering how little effort I put into it.

  2. Agree, looks great! I'm a big fan of the weathered look. Keep it up!

    1. It is a tremendous amount of fun weathering for me lately. No idea why but it's very satisfying when you can make something look like it's been around for a long time. Thanks, Greg!

    2. I think part of it comes from "making it more real". I know the second I start fiddling with stuff like nurgles rot, you get that moment when its not just a mini, or a base, or a piece of terrain, but that you actually created an event, or snapshot of a world that didn't' exist a moment before. It's a pretty wild and cool feeling, and always keeps you coming back for more.

    3. Well put, Greg! I'm working on some wrecked buses for DzC and they are each turning into their own little vignette. I'm actually trying to match the stains on the pavement with where the engines would be. And trying to make the plant growth look realistic. It's crazy how satisfying a well put together bit of terrain can be. Toooooo muuuuuuch fuuuuuuun!


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