Monday, September 8, 2014

DzC Terrain: Wrecked Bus

by Novus

Still on my Dropzone Commander kick.  More terrain this week!  This time it's a wrecked bus-involved auto collision (we don't say "accident" because that implies there is no one to blame).

I blame the Scourge!  Bastardos!

I really just went for the Reconquest era look for these vehicles: rust and dirt, no windows, few tires, and very overgrown.  It's amazing what removing the windows does for these!

Again, these are the 100 N Scale Cars and a set of 6 Buses I got off Amazon recently.

I've got the Zeus in the background for scale.  He can just about see over it.

As the cars have no real interior, like the bus, I just decided to remove the glass and fill them with plants.  I did the same with the bus, but hid less of the interior for it.

The way I see this scenery being played is that this terrain piece does count against aircraft and the LZ template involved.

I also figure that infantry can hide in and around them, thus providing Body and Soft cover if the infantry base is touching or within the scenery.

Also, the bus grants Hull Down to vehicles hiding behind it.  Tall units (like PHR and UCM) can shoot over the bus, but only if they are in base contact.

I'll have some 40k scenery next!  A great kit from Mechanical Warhorse.  Stay tuned!

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  1. The vehicles look great. On suggestion for the future. When doing the overgrowth, mix in some other colors for some variety. (so it's not all the same shade). I feel the flock bits are taking away a bit from all the hard work you spent on the vehicles!

    1. Yeah, Greg, I noticed that problem. There are two different shades of flock there. I think the camera doesn't pick up the difference so good. I do need a third, at least. Well, ... TO THE TRAIN STORE!

    2. Hmm...could also try reducing the amount of flock. Maybe that would help the two colors stand out more.

      Of course this scale is also new to me. So I'm commenting as if it was a 40k piece of terrain...which is like godzilla sized compared to these guys :).

  2. I agree with Greg in that there may be too much flock on the cars but it's just nice on the bus. They look fantastic regardless. Some grime/dirt effects would enhance the lot further but like I said, they look fantastic as is. :)

    1. The cars have no interiors so when I take the glass out, they look really empty. I figured flock was better than empty. My next piece has less flock, overall, but I still feel like I can't have empty cars, ya know?

      And thanks for the kind words!


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