Sunday, July 21, 2019

Escape Pod Objective - FINALLY!

Been walking around with this idea in my head for 2 years now and I finally got it out in the world.  It's not spectacular modelling, but it makes for a really cool objective.

The base is 3" across, which makes measuring scoring models a bit easier.  Anything within 4.5" of the edge of the base scores for a 6" radius Focal Point (do those exist anymore?).

My first time using the kitty litter and super glue technique for rubble.  Works pretty good.  There's also some baking soda in there, too.  I kinda' ignored working on the inside of the crater.  It'll be filled with pod, so why bother?

I laser cut the base and the ruined structure on a lark a few months back and then had more important things to do.  It's sat, unmolested, for quite awhile.

The escape pod is a great model with amazing detail.  Not sure why they chose to release it, but I'm glad they did.

I just sorta 'Bob Ross'ed' it the other night and it came out OK.  It'll definitely make for a better objective than a dumb MDF token.

Thanks for dropping by!  Feels good to start posting again.

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