Monday, June 29, 2015

What GSI Is Up To

It's been awhile since I've personally posted anything and I'm sorry about that.  There has been a good reason, though!  Several good reasons!

A New Vacuum Forming Heater!

I'm currently building a better vacuum form heater.  I've been using the kitchen oven and the long cycle heating on it isn't conducive to vacuum forming.  I really need to bring the labor time down on forming the Destroyed Structure Markers... if I can get that time down, I can reduce the price and start in on some other vacuum formed products, as well!

I've been wanting to do this for a while and finally got some spare cash available to begin.  My rev1 unit worked pretty well but then I decided I can make it work better.  Sooooo... now it's in pieces.  I'll have it back up and running this coming weekend with whichever configuration works best.

It's got a nice PID temp controller, a plastic sag detector, and important safety features like alarms and a 20amp breaker.

A New Tentacle Maker Demonstration Video!

I've needed to do this one for about a year now but just kept putting it off.  I bought better editing software months ago but never sat down to get the work done because there are few things I hate more than figuring out new software.  I just plain dreaded this video editing project.  Last month I forced myself to get it done by deciding no more "fun stuff" like modeling and painting and blogging until I get this video sorted.  My feet still dragged, though.  Until last weekend, that is (my super high tech video studio can be seen at the top of the post)!  Now it's sorted and I can get back to the fun stuff... but not until after the BAO!  Crap!

Wave 2 Of The Tentacle Makers!

After collecting design feedback from customers over the last year, buying more capable software (this time CAD software), and sitting down and forcing myself to learn it, I've finally got three new Tentacle Maker designs ready to begin the tooling/mold making process.

Once I know what the tooling and the raw plastic will cost, a Kickstarter will follow shortly after.  The goal is to have the Wave 2 set done and shipped to the Kickstarter participants by the end of the year!

Now I have to get GSI and myself ready for the BAO.  I'll start back up with regular blogging in the next two weeks.


  1. Oooooh very cool! Should make a video of some of this stuff in action :)

    1. Thanks, Greg! The heating is still in the "multiple minutes" stage. If I can get that down below 60 seconds a sheet, I'll post video of it.


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