Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GSI News - Prize Support, Mystic Storm, Drawing, Downloads Page!

Good evening.  I'm Ron Burgandy and you're not.

Prize Support for the Gold Rush Rampage!

Dustin over at the Gold Rush Rampage approached me last week about contributing some prize support for the GRR.  For those of you who don’t know, the GRR is a Warmahordes tourney held at A-1 Comics in Roseville, just Northeast of Sacramento, CA.

“Warmahordes folks don’t convert models,” I replied with confidence, “That’s a 40k thing!”

Well, he set me straight on that (turns out I was mistaken… AGAIN!) and now GSI is providing some modest prize support for the GRR.  If you are a Warmahordes player and want to compete in a great event, sign up for the…

Click to go to Gold Rush Rampage Site!

Mystic Interweb Storm!

See Ron's Post!
Amazing Work!

Ron at From The Warp posted his latest masterpiece, a Scratchbuilt Inquisitor Mystic (above)!  His post also included a short but glowing review of the Tentacle Maker Tool Box.  His fantastic model, coupled with the flattering review, caused the GSI blog traffic to EXPLODE!

Mystic Storm
Guess where Ron's post is on this chart.

GSI has been so busy, thanks to Ron/FTW, that there really hasn’t been time to add significant content to the blog.  GSI is still accepting guest post submissions, if you are so inclined.

On a related note, please feel free to upload your Tentacle Maker work to your Facebook profile and tag it “Green Stuff Industries” and it will automatically be added to the GSI Gallery!

The Prize Drawing

Would you like to win a Tentacle Maker Tool box?  Like GSI on Facebook or Follow us on Blogger (both options below) and you could win a complete set of Tentacle Makers!  See this post for details!

Win a Tool Box!

New Downloads Page

GSI has added a Downloads Page!  There’s only a couple of entries on it right now, but there will be a really cool one up shortly after 6th drops.  Keep your eyes OPEN!

Downloads Page!

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