Thursday, June 28, 2012

6th Ed CSM Codex Gap

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Part of my Berzerker squad.

So I’ve been looking at all the “confirmed rumors” and a few things have struck me as leaving Chaos Space Marines more and more in the Nerf-zone until the new codex comes out:

  1. If Chain Axes are now initiative 1 (it’s more than likely –1, but I can’t remember where I saw that it said it was dropped all the way to 1) then my Berserkers strike last every time now (at least until the new codex comes out and maybe that gets fixed).  It seems to be based on what the models actually have in their hands… so the default Chain Axes of the Zerk box kinda screw me a bit.  WYSIWYG has sort of gone out the window for me then.  I’m not going to buy more Zerks and I’m not going to modify my existing models.  Chainswords on paper for everyone!
  2. Feel No Pain at 4+ was one of the only things that made the expensive Plague Marines worth while.  Until the new codex comes out, they will be just as expensive but less useful.
  3. I’ve wanted new psyker powers for a looong time.  It is a (sort of) boost for CSM, but then everyone gets that same boost. So far, random assignation of powers is the only thing that really bothers me in 6th.  Also, CSM is still stuck with the Nerf versions of Warp Time and Lash.  That continues to chap my hide.
  4. The inherent inflated expense of CSM units will cost us in Kill Point games.  That’s not super different, but killing an overpriced unit the old way was just 1 KP.  But now that same expensive unit can be 2 KP or more!
  5. NO FLYERS!… until the new codex, I hope.  There had better be more than a dopey mechanical dragon.
  6. NO SNIPERS!  Can’t take advantage of choosing which model to hit when you roll a 6.  I’d love to have some snipers.  Space marines get them.  Seems like if anyone should have snipers, it’s CSM.

I had to pin/strengthen the base because it just sort of melted over on it's side.  All hail, Failcast!

These are a few buffs that I can see as filling the gap, a bit:
  1. Daemonic Fear forcing units to LD test or be WS1 is pretty awesome.  Until the new codex comes out and there are no Princes in it (Likely and lame).  I suppose soon I’ll have to get the Daemon Codex to be able to use my Prince model at all.
  2. Vector Strike (D3+1 hits at the model’s Strength on a unit moved over) seems pretty cool.  But again, it will likely disappear for CSM when the new codex comes out.
  3. Hammer of Wrath will let my Raptors strike at I10!  Can’t be bad and will likely get better with the new codex!
Those are just a few CSM related observations that lead me to believe that it’s going to get even trickier to win a game until the new codex comes out.



  1. Daemonic Fear is horrible. Anyone who is fearless or has And They Shall Know No Fear is immune to it. What are the odds it will even come into play?

    1. Yeah, you are correct. Hadn't thought about that. The new codex better make up for all this "kicking Chaos in the ballz" that's been happening lately.

    2. I am fairly certain that the new codex will be simply ridiculous!

    3. I'm really not wanting ridiculous... I'd just like to a few more options that are on par with other marine codices. If it ends up like GK I'm going to feel dirty every game I win.

  2. I dont believe khorne berzerkers are actually equiped with "Chainaxes". According to the rules they have Close Combat weapons, since there was no "chainaxe" rules in 5th.

    Also, I believe the I1 was in regards to power axes, not regular close combat weapons, and so would effect chainaxes.

    1. I thought I read somewhere that the new rules stated you had to look at the model to see what it was carrying... based on that you had an axe or not. Either way, I'll know for sure tonight!

  3. Frankly, the 5+ FNP is more than worth having FNP saves against anything but ID weapons. if you're that hurt over it, ally with Epidemius and give them a 3+ once the tally is up lol

    1. I'm not hurt over the FNP, as such, because that works against everyone. CSM units are overpriced as it is and taking away stuff from an overpriced codex kinda sucks. They should throw in a points reduction FAQ or something which is probably unlikely due to the upcoming codex.

    2. Yeah, its an issue, but its not an across the board nerf, its a change, while we lose the plague marines faster to weight of fire, we live longer in CC against specialists. I really hated the AP rules change for 5th, so im just glad to not lose my PM to a power weapon toting sergeant anymore. I'd say I hope they FAQ us plague knives again, but i doubt thats happening before the book drops

    3. That's before my time. Any cool options (Plauge Knives!) that the new codex brings will be very welcome. CSM is just so PLAIN compared to most other codices.

    4. basically just a poison CCW same as plague bearers, nifty, hopefully back in the new dex


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