Friday, March 23, 2012

Kick My Ass, Please?

"Kick my ass!  I'm not asking, I'm telling!" - Artie Fufkin, This Is Spinal Tap
As I’ve previously stated, I’m a noob at 40k.  I’ve also run into a string of losses: 0-5.  The local players keep telling me “you were pretty close to winning” when that clearly was not the case.

Running CSM apparently doesn't help when the local meta is mostly BA and GK.  Come to think of it, 4 of those 5 loses were to GK and/or BA.  It doesn’t seem like those armies need to think much unless they are fighting each other.  They seem to be simpler vs. CSM: move, shoot, assault, repeat.  Whereas it seems that I have to really think about lanes of fire, threat distance, choppy/shooty-ness of the opposing force, and all that other stuff...

Oh, and the other thing that doesn’t help is that many of the players at Frontline have been doing 40k for 15+ years.

I don't think I can blame my list... the core of the list is typically:

1x Lash DP
2x7 Plaguers
1x8 Zerks
2x3 Oblits
+ Misc other units depending on my mood.

Which is a fairly viable list, as I understand it.  I think maybe I'll add some T-sons in place of the Zerks for the next game.  I need more ranged punch vs MEQs.

I’m hoping the new codex will bring some relief in the form of new options and better costing.  Running what some in the blogosphere would consider a somewhat hobbled army isn’t helping me, I suppose, but the CSM models are just soooo much fun to convert and create.  I’m learning a whole bunch and having fun… I’m just wondering how long I’m going to suck at this DAMNED GAME!

This leads me to a question for my blog visitors:

How long did it take you to get proficient at the game?


  1. If I am honest I think you are only as proficient as your opponents, I have played with the same 4 guys for years who don't play good lists or particularly well, and neither do I.

    If you are playing against very tough opponents then I think you will develop good gaming skills by necessity to beat them,just stick with it mate.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Munky! These guys ARE really good. I'm getting better, just not fast enough for my tastes, I suppose. Just to have a single 1 in the W column would help my attitude greatly.

  2. Any game that I dive into takes a while to get good at. As Munky pointed out as well, playing people that are REALLY good is going to make you a LOT better at the game.

    Even though your learning curve feels steep (which it is) it will be worth it when you maul someone's army, literally picking it apart, all the while grabbing your own objectives and dominating in scoring.

    Admittedly, one thing you might have run into is the problem with using kill points. If you're using them I suggest trying some games without them. The game scoring changes completely, for the better I think, without them.

    1. Thanks to you too, Varangian! Most of these were objective games. I just didn't have their mobility, which was my main problem. I think the BA rhinos have an anhanced move... 18"?

      One of these guys runs a BA list with no scoring units. Super choppy and FAST. I was stuck in assaults on turn two! He had like 4 buffs stacked on each squad... no way I could win. Super lean and scary list.

      Another guy did the same thing but with BA jump infantry. Also super choppy and fast. Had all sorts of scoring units but no vehicles! He just sorta jumped and danced around me and took me apart. It was crazy.

      I'm not one to give up... I'll win one shortly, I expect.


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