Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daemon Prince Conversion

This is my Daemon Prince, Dave of the Grim and Unrelenting Naughtiness.

I Want You

This model is primarily a WHFB River Troll with some LOTR Balrog Wings, a pair of Chaos Termie Lord Lightning Claws, a fair amount of green stuff, and a Robogear flight stand that I converted into another big scary sword.  Oh, and a stick on jewel I grabbed from my wife’s beading kit!

Low Angle

What gave me the idea for this conversion was that River Troll hand pointing menacingly at whomever Dave feels he must crush ‘neath the weight of his fiery naughtiness.  I basically bought the kit because of that hand… not super cost effective, but I’m really happy with the overall result.

Sword Close 2

The sword was a bunch of fun to convert.  I couldn’t very well have a daemon prince of the 41st Millennia waving around a fish as a weapon!  The flight stand was all I had around at the time that was big enough to fit the bill.  I wanted the weapons to just look HOT, like a lava flow or embers from a fire.  I made the cracks in the sword with my Dremel and a few different sizes of ball mill.  The pommel is a spike from a CSM Rhino dozer blade.


That chain is green stuff.  Chain takes for freaking ever!


Dave was also my first foray into airbrush painting.  Holy crap!  Airbrushes are freakin’ awesome!  It took me a bit to get the paint mixed right and the nozzle cleaned between tries, but once I got it figured it was super easy.  The tiger stripes on the top of the wings and the lighter color underside of Dave came out super well thanks to that airbrush.

Right Side

Face Again

I just wish they hadn’t nerfed Lash and Warp Time.  YOU B@ST@RDS!

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