Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Putting Fittings on Your Tentacle Maker Hoses

Final Product 3
My new(ish) Obliterator
OK, once you have your Tentacle Maker hose rolled out and completely cured, how do you convincingly place it on the model?  The hoses pictured were made with a SAW-020.

What I do is drill holes (slightly larger in diameter than the GS hoses) at the points where I want it to connect and super glue the ends into the holes… simple and fairly permanent.  But, that leaves you with a not very realistic look.  So, next I sculpt some hose fittings to cover the holes I drilled and any extra super glue that didn’t end up where I wanted.

First, roll out a very thin cylinder of green stuff.

Rolled GS

Second, lay it across the hose end so that the seam will be in the back, facing away from the viewer.

Placement 1

Third, wrap the green stuff around the tube end so that the ends sort of meet in the back.  Be sure to remove any excess.  I do this by pinching it off with some tweezers.

Wrap Around 1

Wrap Around 2

Fourth, flatten and shape the fitting so it looks like a manufactured piece.

Shape The Fitting

Last, let it cure and paint it up!

Final Product

Final Product 2

Final Product 3

This guy will be on the GSI Gallery Page shortly!


  1. Excellent tip! That's one of those little things you never really think about too.
    Ron, FTW

    1. Thanks, Ron! Yeah, I didn't think about posting this tip until I had already finished the first one (left side of model). My wife had asked me "Why are you doing that?" which triggered this post.

    2. Nice trick! I'll keep it in mind for the future.


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