Thursday, November 1, 2012

100,000 Eyeballs! Time To Toot Our Own Horn!

About 48 hours ago Green Stuff Industries surpassed 100,000 eyeballs!  That's 50,000 page views!

It's been a little less than a year and GSI has...
These are some of the folks that have supported GSI from the beginning:

      Dark Future Games
      From the Warp 
      There Is Only War
      Black Matt's Black Legion Blog
      Frontline Gaming
      Fritz 40k

Thanks, guys!

GSI has been the best, most fun, second job I've ever had.  Thanks for all your support!

I'm still working on more products but it's slow going.  New stuff soon!


  1. Just got u to 100, generally i just subscribe to rss feeds using a mozilla add-on, so I don't always remember to actually subscribe.

  2. Thanks, Tyler! GSI has been at 99 for about 2 months. I appreciate that!

  3. I can only hope, Myles! Thanks again for TIOW's support these past few months!

  4. Thanks for letting me be part of your end of the hobby, Rich! Onwards to geater things! Best of luck and happy holidays!

    1. Thanks to you Michiel! Your support is much appreciated. Happy Holidays to you, too!


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