Monday, March 25, 2013

Gore, Fire, and Dragons

by Marlon of Evil Fluffy Creatures (Portuguese)
In these last few months since my previous guest post, I've been experimenting with a lot of forms, shapes, and ideas to make more eye-catching figures for our tabletops. I just produced three new ones by toying around with the concepts of gore and hellfire - pretty chaotic stuff - and I hope you like what I've done!

First one is gore: I am a big fan of eye-striking basing work. The model has to "pop", especially if you are one cool HQ dude. Having said that, I tried to implement the goriest thing I could imagine in a small base: Kharn the Betrayer hacking some imperial gut, while standing in a badass pose!
This is basically a Cadian soldier torso lying in a Green stuff pool. The guts were done with the Tentacle Maker, but with a gentle stretch of the tentacle after I finished rolling. This way I could simulate some kind of gut, intestines or whatever this guy still had to spare for our hobby intentions.
The second and third projects play around with Heldrakes and Daemonic fire. For that I covered two Fantasy Zombie Dragons with all the green stuff I could find, and started prodding and teasing the shapes to simulate fire effects. The first one was then mounted on top of a ruined tower made with a cutout from a Pringles can. It stares down as if it were ready to attack.
The other Drake was trickier: I first pinned it into a flying stem to make sure the height would be gaming legal, then I put the stem into a skull rock from the Fantasy Scenery line. To tie everything together, I set the monster on fire, and added some fire swirls with wire and more green stuff. To make it different from the other Drake, I tried some blue warp fire. I think it contrasts well enough with the other Drake, especially when both are deployed in the same list.
There is some more work coming down the pipeline, Too. Next up: Allied Traitor Guard Medusa Tanks. This is what I have for now, with a big nod to our Tentacle Maker friends:
Hope you enjoyed it! Look forward to hear your comments!

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