Monday, June 9, 2014

Blight Drones (Counts As)

by Novus

Seeing as I wasn't using my Plague Drones, I decided to make them into Blight Drones.  I ripped off the riders, grabbed up some bits, and then bashed the heads together pretty quick.  After that it only took me 4 months to get back to them and paint them.  They still need a bit more work, but for now they are done.


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    1. Thanks, Monster! I tend to get them 95% done just to get them on the table and then skip the finalization. Have to try and curb that from now on.

  2. Those are thoroughly disgusting! In other words, perfect!

  3. These look fantastic, i am definitly going to stea- use this idea. Could you tell me what bits you used for the conversion please?


    1. Hi, Flashkid! That info would help, eh?

      The faces are just red LEDs I ripped out of some dead electronics with a GS'd hood sculpted around them. Had I not already built them I would have installed them so they would light up.

      The largest part of the Mawcannon is from a Pegasus Hobbies Chemical Plant kit. It's some sort of pipe connector.

      The rest of the barrel is just styrene tube.

      The under-cannon guns are from a Wargames Factory Heavy Weapons Team.

      Everything else is just leftover bits from GW kits.

      You can see the kits I mention above at this post:


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