Thursday, April 4, 2013

(Almost) Completed Army!

by Novus

I've been diligently working on my Possessed Vindicator (dozer blade is pictured above) over the last couple of weeks and, having finally purchased Halo 4, completed that last weekend, as well.  I love the Halo universe, those games never disappoint, and #4 provided a much needed break from my Vindi work.  But, while playing #4 I realized that I was only one primed model, some touch-up work for other models, and some basing work for still different models away from a completely painted Chaos Space Marine/Imperial Guard army.

So, I lowered the priority of the Vindi and decided to finish up the little jobs that keep me from having a snazzy army on the table.

I've been using this WHFB Chaos Sorcerer for my IG Primaris Psyker.  It's been primed in black for about 4 months now and last night I banged out the painting and basing in about 2 hours.  He's pretty much all dry brush shades of grey with some brass and silver here and there.

I tried to go for a ghostly look, which I think I achieved, but he's quite a few shades lighter in color than the rest of my IG models.  I think I'll have to darken him up somehow... prolly just deepen the shades in the recessed parts.  Or lighten the rest of the IG, which will be a bit more work but will probably look better.

I also learned a new feature on my camera!  The Exposure Compensation keeps the photos from getting washed out in bright lights.  I set mine to about -1.3 when using my two sunlight-type 100W lights and everything has started coming out muuuuch better photographically.

Now that the Primaris is finally painted, I have to base my Heldrake, put a Loyalist in my Warlords' blender, and finish weathering my Plasmacutioners.


  1. Lovely infection on that Vindicator... Really nice job!

    1. Thanks, Alexander! It's taken me about 2 weeks of off-and-on painting to just base the tentacles on the main model. I think I'll have a WIP shot shortly.


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