Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Flying Blind (My Stab at Finally Understanding Flyer Movement in 6th)

Bug 1

by Novus

I’ve been super confused about how flyer movement works.  What counts as '”combat speed?”  What effect does the speed have on the weapons that can be fired?  When is Skyfire not allowed?  Why isn't all this info easier to find out?

So, I sat down and searched out all the flyer rules I could (both in the MRB and the FAQs) and generated the following chart that shows how I think Flyer movement breaks down.

Most of this chart is self evident.  But, the Effect on Attacker Shooting column is what an enemy model that is shooting at a flyer would experience during its own shooting phase.  The WS When Charged column is the Weapon Skill of the flying/hovering unit during close combat while it is in Hover Mode.  Zooming Flyers cannot be charged.

Is it just me, or does the MRB really say that Combat Speed is exactly and only 18.000” for flyers?  Meaning going faster is Cruising Speed and going slower is Crashing Speed.  Do I have that wrong?

Why is Flat Out Zooming an additional 12” to 24”?  Shouldn’t it be up to an additional 24”?

I think it’s interesting to note that Jinking (or Evading for Zooming Flyers) causes those units to Snap Shot in the following Shooting Phase.  Models that Snap Shot cannot fire template weapons but I’ve seen many a Heldrake Evade and still fry a squad of Space Marines in the following turn, which would be illegal if I have it right.  So if you can keep a Heldrake on the defensive, i.e. Evading, they aren’t so scary anymore!

I’m sure there are errors in the chart as it was a remarkable amount of hunting (and it was very late when I started on this path) to find the rules and FAQs I needed to try and understand it all.  If it seems like I have something wrong, please comment below with the rule and page number so I can correct the chart.  Thanks!


  1. Helldrakes should never be evading(its important to remember that evading gives jink to zooming flyers, while skimmers/bikes get it as long as they have moved in the movement phase) as they have a 5+ invulnerable save.
    Zooming flyers do the exact same thing cruising as they do do in combat speed.

    Also the Hellbug looks amazing.

    1. Thanks on the bug, Sam! Yeah, my opponent had an SM Hunter Tank this weekend and had I known the rules better, I probably wouldn't have been as scared of it as I was. He was rolling super hot, too, which didn't help.

  2. Flat out zooming is an additional 12"-24" as you need to move a minimum of 12, you can't move less.
    As mentioned above Heldrakes never need to jink due to having a 5+ inv save.
    With assaults the ws is a little irrelevant almost, if you don't move all melee attacks auto hit, if you do move it's 3+ to hit you (if attacked by ws1 things it's 4+)

    1. That flat out min move just seems odd, Warcaster. I mostly wanted to make sure I was right in the way I read that. OK, thanks for putting it in another way: Jink is the same as Invul for Drakes, unless they are flat out, so there is no need to Jink. That makes more sense to me. Should I put "Auto Hit" on the chart instead of WS0?

  3. Actually the Heldrake you saw was probably not Jink/Evading, but rolling for his Daemon Save. Both are 5+, but the Daemon Save means that it can shoot its baleflamer :-)


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