Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Keno's Possessed Vindicator

That's a Lot of Tentacle Makers

I just received 100 Tentacle Maker Tool Boxes from my machine shop!  I'll be busy putting them together in the coming weeks so if you want to place an order, I should be able to ship it fairly quickly after receiving it.

International Shipping Rate Hike... Holy Sh*t!

So USPS has made shipping internationally that much harder by raising the international rates by as much as $15.00 per package, depending on the type of shipment it is and where it is going.  GSI ships via Priority International which provides a good balance between the reasonable transit time and the cost of the shipping.  Granted, the balance was better up until the end of 2012.

I would suggest that if you are an international customer you may want to try and pool an order with your like minded buddies so you can split the shipping costs.  As long as the products you order fit in the box and stay under weight, the shipping cost remains the same.  I can fit 3 Tool Boxes in a small flat rate box, BTW.

Keno's WIP Slaaneshi Rhno doors.

Really Enjoying the New Units and Allies

As many of you early followers of this GSI blog may remember, I've not had a winning streak in a very long time.  At times this was due to horribly bad rolling, at other times it was due to the weak 4th ed codex, and at still other times (and this is the vast majority, I think) it was due to my n00bish playing.  CSM armies were not very forgiving of mistakes made by new players, i.e. me.

I now have a winning streak of 3!

OK, first and foremost, the inclusion of allies has allowed me to make more mistakes.  The 4th edtion codex was really only able to put forth a couple of reliable list builds and you had to be better than good to wield them consistently against decent opponents who were drawing from the Space Wolves, the Grey Knights, and the Imperial Guard.

Now, I've incorporated IG into my army in the form of a Primaris Psyker, a Vet Squad, and a squadron of 2 Leman Russ Plasmacutioners.  This detachment weighs in at about 650 points, I think.  For a little more than 1/3 of my army cost I get a decent psyker, a slightly better than average troop choice, and a stellar set of Russ's.  Wanna kill big blobs of orks or even medium squads of Termies?  ... The Plasmacutioner is the answer!  Three small blast, S:7, Ap: 2, plasma shots at 36" per Russ is really amazing!  And they don't Get Hot!

On top of the Allies, I'm really digging on some of the new units.  The tweaks to the Spawn made them viable and fun to play.  The Forge/Mauler fiend is fun on bun if you do it right (I played the special rules wrong in my first game with it).  And the Heldrake is probably the only "must-have" unit in the codex.

The Heldrake is now amazing with the new FAQ updates.  I may end up running 2-3 in the coming months.  Depends on if I'm inspired by a kit bash idea or not.  Is it cheesy/WAAC if it's also fun to play?

Old School Mephiston with Keno's WIP sculpted flames.

Keno's Stuff

One of my buddies at Frontline, Keno, does some really great work and I thought I should share it with the world.  He is one of the staff painters at Frontline so if you get a commission done by them, likely Keno will have painted some, if not all, of it.  It's his work that is beautifying this post.

The Bay Area Open

It's coming up in about a month and I'm ready to kick some butt with my teamate, Tim!  We'll be playing in the team tourney on Friday and I'll be peddling my wares all weekend.  I'll also have at least one table in the Table Contest.  If you are going, you'd better get your tickets NOW!  They are nearly sold out for this year.  See you there!


  1. You can probably expect at least a handful of orders shortly. It looks like Dave Taylor recommended your product to his readers recently!

    Personally, I consider anything other than the "power list" to be non-cheesy/beardy/WAAC. Redundancyhammer 6th Edition is the name of the game.

    Pics of the army are up over at my blog. Phew! Now I know why Ron took a break from blogging.

    I just got my hands of a handful of old (and poorly painted) vehicle models. After stripping them, they're still a disaster in need of a ton of cleaning. This made me think that doing a "Disaster Recovery" series about stripping and rebuilding older models. A buddy mentioned that a short 40k story about recovering the vehicle/unit would be a neat addition to the series, a part of the story for each part of the series.

    Does that sound like a neat idea to you?

    1. Koolio! I'll have to check out the Dave Taylor post.

      Drakes are really the only stellar choice for CSM, IMHO. Probably one of the best flyers in the game right now.

      Your army looks stupendous! I'll comment over there, too.

      I like your idea a lot. As I've said before, anytime you want to guest on GSI, is fine by me.

    2. He had nothing but positive things to say about the TM.

      I have yet to go toe-to-toe with a Heldrake, but I hear nothing but good about them.

      Thank you for the compliment, Rich. All I have to do is find someone who writes short fiction well and then we'll have a series in the works.


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