Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tentacle Maker Ammo Feeds - How To

Here's another great How To post by Strigis Nox on creating a simple ammo feed effect using GSI's Tentacle Maker Tools.  Check out his previous post on an impressive Immersion Tank Effect.
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Hello again guys! After a LOOOOOONNNG break from 40k post Thousand Sons being completed (burned me out quite a bit) I’m back with a tutorial I promised a while back and am now delivering on…. Quick and easy Ammo Belts. 
One of my kitbashed Helbrutes in my Thousand Sons army needed some ammo feeds but nothing I had on hand in my bitz box was neither adequately sized nor long enough so I had to devise a way to make my own.
Tools Required:
  • Tentacle Maker SAW-050 (for tanks) or SAW-020 (for smaller models)
  • Water
  • The model to be modified
Step one in this is to mix up a good bit of green stuff for your project and let it sit for about an hour or so. Freshly mixed GS will be too pliable for this job and you need either some really old GS or some that’s cured for a bit to get to that stage when it’s starting to get tough to work with.

Once you’ve got your GS part-cured, get your Tentacle Makers (Gen 1 pictured above) out and prep your model doing a quick layout in your head of where the connection points for the ammo feeds are going to lay, keeping in mind that even though it’s about half cured, the GS will still sag and “wrap” around parts of your model it may come in contact with, something I think adds to the aesthetic of the overall piece as it’s something actual belt feeds would do if draped over something.
Next step… Tentacle time! For the ammo feeds pictured above I rolled my GS into about a 5/8” diameter tube before putting it through the SAW-050, but that’s by no means a rule of thumb as everything is really what you want it to look like at the end of the day. Roll the pattern into your tentacle then very carefully apply downward pressure on the top plate of the tentacle maker to flatten out your tentacle.
This next and last step is where you’ll be glad you let your GS cure for a bit. After removing the top plate, carefully peel your flattened tentacle off the bottom plate, set it down on your cutting mat and cut one end so as to make it flush, apply a small drop of glue to that end and glue it into place on your model (yes I know it’s not 100% cured, trust me though, it’ll work) and flex your belt feed across the path you want it to go, stretching it a bit if need be, snip the other end flush and affix it to the other point of contact with your model.

Grab a butter knife or turn an exacto backwards, really any tool that’s got a non-sharp edge and do your final placement adjustments within the ribs of the belt feed so as to not marr the look of your belt feed.

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