Thursday, February 23, 2012

Going to the Bay Area Open!

I’m very glad to announce that GSI (a.k.a. me) will be attending the Bay Area Open!

I’ll be doing three things while there:
  1. Playing in the doubles tourney and possibly the narrative event!
  2. Sponsoring a table created around the Blasted Planet terrain posts from this blog!  Preview pic of the as yet unfinished terrain/table below.
  3. Selling my Tentacle Makers!  Which will include two new types, for a total of three different Tentacle Maker groove patterns!  Those will be officially released and available for sale early next week.
I’ve never played in a tournament of this type before.  I’m really looking forward to getting a taste of “competitive play.”

I was at Frontline Gaming last night and helped Reece and Keno and Kyle put together some WHFB terrain.  The store was littered with terrain (as you can see in the background below) in all states of completion.  I’ve also seen the basic layout and terrain of the Frontline tables and I’m really looking forward to playing on them!  This event will be a blast!


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