Saturday, February 4, 2012

Skeletal Plague Marines!


I just finished my squad of converted Plague Marines!  You may have already seen some of them in the previous Sculpting Tools and Tips post from about a month ago.

These guys are constructed of three things: standard CSM bits, GW Vampire Counts Skeletons, and a bunch of Green Stuff.

I got my clocked cleaned by Julien at Frontline Gaming about 3 weeks ago... those damned Grey Knights! He had a squad that was just a dry brush of what I think was GW Chainmail with some red accents and a little wash, maybe. It looked really good for such a basic technique so I decided to try it.

This is the first time I’ve used a dry brush technique for the majority (90%) of the painting involved.  Dry brush is the way to go for Plaguers.  Besides, if you really screw up, no one will know on Plague Marines.

I laid down a primer coat of black then dry brushed Scorched Brown, Calthan Brown, Vallejo Olive Green, and Vallejo Flat Green.  The guns were dry brushed with Boltgun Metal.  I also added some basic rusted areas with Reaper Mini Rust Brown.  The diseased bits are mostly just the Flat Green mixed with Vallejo Scrofulous Brown (it’s sort of an orange).  There was also a lot of Devlin Mud and Badab Black washing.

BP Front

With this guy I wanted to depict a disease that replaced your nervous system with an external nervous system.  That’s why his helmet is breached and his brain is growing out the back of his head.  I also sculpted his backpack.

BP Back

BP Left

BP Top

O Mind Front

I just loved the ruined skull in the Skeleton kit.  That’s pretty much what sold it, that skull.

O Mind Left

O Mind Back

O Mind Right

Ribs Front

I got the idea for the rib cage thing after I realized I pretty much just bought a Skeleton kit for a single skull.  I figured I should try to get more of my money’s worth.  Good thing, too.  I like this guy the best.

Ribs Left

Ribs Back

Ribs Right

Champ Front

You may notice with this model that the arms move.  They are magnetized!

Champ Left

Champ Back

Champ Right

Jawless Front

This one is probably my least favorite.  I tried some things and they didn’t work out.  Still an OK model though, I think.

Jawless Left

Jawless Back

Jawless Right

Bruised Front

I had an old school helmet from a buddy of mine and decided to use it here.  The detail isn’t up to snuff but it’s cool to have it on this model anyway.

Bruised Left

Bruised Back

Bruised Right

Happy Frontish

I just like this guy because he looks so happy killing his enemy dead.

Happy Left

Happy Back

Happy Right

I learned two things from this project:
  1. Dry brush shows mold lines really well.  I didn’t notice that until I took the pictures.  Naked eye they don’t look horrible but blown up to 20x their size, it looks like a serious problem.
  2. The camera sucks most of the color out of the model.  This squad is actually pretty colorful but it all gets lost with the high F-stop technique of photography.  I haven’t yet gotten this photography thing down.

Other News

  • New Products!  In the next week or so I should be releasing at least 2 new GSI products.  I was hoping to have them 3 weeks ago but the fates conspired against me (and my unfortunate machinist).
  • Victory!  I won a very close game vs standard Space Marines this week over at Frontline Gaming.  Thanks, Tim!  Sorry the dice hated you!
  • Guest contributors wanted!  If you would like to post a gaming related article here on the GSI blog, please drop me a line and we’ll discuss it.  Email me at:

To order a Tentacle Maker, please click this link Order the Tentacle Maker or click the Order the Tentacle Maker entry in the Pages box at the top right. Only $15.95 + tax and shipping!


  1. I think they look wonderful. Even if the camera has not been the kindest with color, they still come across great.

    I'll second the little bit about drybrushing and mold lines. I think that's where I put most of my work in models... removing mold lines.

    Ron, From the Warp

    1. Thanks, Ron! Yeah, I have to start working on the mold lines if I'm going to keep post pics like this.

  2. Wow, they're really cool! I love the guy with his rib cage sticking out! I always find mould lines on space marines to be much worse than on other kits, so it really is worth removing them, especially if you're drybrushing.

    1. Thanks, Eddie! Yeah, I remove the really obvious ones now... like on the legs and the weapons.


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