Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Amazing Table Top Community

I haven’t been in the table top gaming realm very long.  But, I have noticed one thing: table top gamers are among the most supportive groups I’ve been a part of.  Second only to the progressive rock band I was in for 22 years.

Getting Green Stuff Industries moving is a giant pain… fun, mind you, but a pain nevertheless.  I think if I were to try and start a business in any other area/industry, things would be far more difficult and… cutthroat.

Everywhere I go… on the internet, to the game stores, out and about in the world… I have yet to meet someone in the this community who is not ready to help with a rules clarification, a design improvement for the Tentacle Maker, or provide info on how to sculpt or paint something.  It is truly amazing!

And so, I think it appropriate to say “Thanks!” and “Keep up the good work!”

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