Thursday, February 28, 2013

BAO This Weekend!

This weekend I'm headed to the Bay Area OpenLast year this event was a bunch of fun: I played the Team Event, I met lots of folks, I sold some stuff... a triple win for me!

Team Event

This year, I'll be playing in the Friday Team Event again.  My teamate, Tim, and I are running a pure Chaos list based mostly on Nurgle.  With the new codex and my greater experience with the game, hopefully Tim and I will win a game this year.

This is my half of the 2000pt army...

Last year, Dan (my teamate at the time) and I played against pretty much nothing but Grey Knights and Space Wolves and had our faces handed to us all day.  We ended up with a 0/3 record but due to the fluff story Dan wrote, our team t-shirts, and our completely painted armies we placed mid-field, which was surprising.

Table Contest

I've also got two tables in the Table Contest.  I'm bringing the Blasted Planet table from last year with a new and improved power plant: 4 gallons of water and 2 lbs of dry ice should get the job done nicely!

This was how the Blasted Planet looked last year:

My second table is a river valley with a large LOS blocking bridge in the middle.  They each aren't super pretty, but I think play-wise they are going to make interesting games.  Below is a very early picture of it stitched together like a recon photo.

The upper left and lower right corners are 6" high hills topped by area cover.  The upper left cover is a wrecked Rhino and the lower right is a graveyard.  The bridge in the middle is about 5" high on average and provides some good cover vs. the high ground and the long table edges.  There are also 4 small forests scattered around the bridge.


Starting Saturday I'll be selling my Tentacle Makers and Omni-Templates.  This time I have a Powerpoint Billboard that will cycle continuously showing off the products and what can be done using them, a 4'x2' banner with primary art by the famous Goatboy, and generally a more professional set up.  I'm actually feeling like a small business owner lately!

Warning: if you place an order this weekend I won't be able to fill it until at least Monday.

Well, I'll be helping the Frontline boys set up the venue tonight and then hopefully wrecking face in the team event tomorrow... wish us luck!

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