Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIPs This Week (or Stoopid Vindi)

by Rich K

Well, I don't have any completed stuff to show you guys or any tutorials for that matter.  All I have are a couple of the WIPs I'm working, right now.  Above is one of two Plasmacutioners I'm painting up for my Traitor Guard allies.  It's my first try at pre-shading with my new Badger Renegade Krome Velocity airbrush.

The Velocity is a big step up from its cheapy predecessor.  I really don't know enough about airbrushes or how to wield them to be able to review (read: pass judgement on) them.  All I can really say is that I'm able to get faaaaaaar more control of where the paint goes with this thing.  It also appears to sip the paint.  Seriously, a couple of drops of paint go a long way.  I mixed a good bit more than I needed.... looks like I need to buy some more IG armor to put under all this paint!  Again, I can't say for sure it's worth the $120 price tag, but I'm pretty happy with it so far.

I bought a Chaos Vindicator a month ago because I really wanted to model one up pre-possessed.  I wanted it to look like the daemon just sort of burst into the machine and it wants to be free NOW!

That top plate kept falling off while I was reconnoitering the model, pre-build.  Having to place that plate back on a few times is what gave me the idea for the tentacles reaching out and probing the boundaries of this daemons new home.

It needed a mouth and I didn't want to make it the gun as I've done that before.  So, why not a big gaping maw with giant teeth on the side of the vehicle?  By the way, the front of the Vindi is not glued on, that's why there is such a big gap between the chassis and the front.  It's far easier to sculpt the sections separately rather than trying to build the model and then do the sculpting.

This idea of a mass of tentacles ripping the door off and grabbing a Chaos Marine and pulling them both back into the tank like some horrible sort of eating disorder is why I bought the model.

Putting a Vindi on the table without daemonic possession is ludicrous, I think, so I felt I could just go crazy with this sort of conversion/sculpt and not worry about magnets and all that nonsense.

I'm working on the dozer blade but I'm not entirely happy with the outcome so far.  You'll see it when the model is done, I suppose.

One odd thing I learned about my camera in taking these shots is that the "party" mode works better for macro shots than the "macro" mode.  I think it has better light settings for the lights I have.

Happy bashing!


  1. That vindicator looks absolutely brilliant! All those tentacles grabbing the guy and the door just remind me of Akira towards the end of the film. So cool.
    It also look very believable the way that the tentacles on the top are seemingly following the contours of the panels, very nice.

    1. I haven't seen Akira since the late 80's! Gotta fire that one up again, I think. But, you are right, Andy, rampant growth and uncontrolled malice... that's what's happening in both cases.

      Thanks for the kind words, too!

  2. That tamk looks fantastic bud. Cannot wait to see it completed

    1. Thanks, DizMo! I just wish my painting was a little better than TTQ.

  3. Awesome. Frankly it's fitting that your stuff shows up better on party mode. I mean, you are kind of a converting rock star! I'm sorry, I'll stop now.


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