Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Magnetizing Vendetta Lascannons/Rocket Pods

by Novus

The Mordian 7th (who does some terrific work, BTW) seeing what I did with the swept wing Valkyrie/Vendetta idea, wanted a look at the way I did my Vendetta Lascannons.  Always eager to please, here you go...

Now, I had a Venerable Dreadnought TL Lascannon on hand already, but by some crazy cosmic luck, when I bought one of the last Spikey Bits Super Fat Sack O' Bits (gonna miss that sack) it had one in it, too!  If it weren't for this bit of luck, I'd likely just have built a standard Valkyrie or had a much more difficult time adding the Lascannons.

First, I magnetized the wing mounts.  There's a 0.125" magnet in there and a shaft for a pin drilled forward of the magnet.  The Valk rocket pod has a counterpart magnet and pin.  The pin keeps the pod from getting knocked off accidentally.

For some odd reason I had these giant wooden beads/cylinders that were just a bit small than the inside of the pod.  After enlarging the hole to 0.125" and mounting the magnet I glued the bead in place.

These pics were taken before I put a pin/shaft set in, but you see the general layout.  I also added some Necron bits, plasticard to cover some gaps, and some hoses made using a Tentacle Maker SAW-020.  That bit on the right is the rocket tube part of the rocket pods.

Assembled, they look like this....

When everything is mounted, the underside is pretty formidable....

The nose guns were pretty simple.  I just angle cut a piece of 0.125" I.D. tubing and glued it to the end of the other pointy thing on the nose cannon bit.

For the nose mounts, I hand cut some plasticard, drilled and mounted magnets, and glued the magnet plate in place.  Such like...

I had to drill opposite the lens on the targeting unit side, which is why the magnets are so low on the right in the picture above.

When all is said and done, this is how it ended up...

If you see anything you are curious about on this blog, feel free to send me a request for more info on how I did what I did.  I'm always looking for content and it may not occur to me to post something that from your POV, might be a no-brainer tutorial or post.

Happy Bashing!


  1. Nice! I love how that turned out - didn't realize they were all magnetized too. Inspiring stuff, man!

    I really need to order up one of your tentacle makers, every blog I read that uses it sings its praises. Expect to see an order from me for one soon.

    Keep up the great work, mate!

    1. Yeah, I'm a magnet fanatic. I'll put them in just in case I ever want to use the crappy weapons that everyone hates... you never know when a FAQ will turn crap to gold.

      Well, about 30 mins after my "Sorry" post today, I got a surprise shipment! I still have to clean and assemble and sticker them, but I should have all back orders out by Monday and have lots of stock left over for the next couple of months.

      Thanks, Mord! You, too!

    2. Right on!

      Just put an order in for the three-pack. No rush of course, take your time. Glad to hear business is good!


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