Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Painting Vindicator Turbo Fans - The Easy Way

by Novus

My Possessed Vindicator is slowly crawling toward completion.  I've been maniacally vasillating between great bursts of creativity and long, slow waves of apprehension based on my fear of screwing this one up.  Last night was a creative night that yielded an interesting painting aid.

Meet the Vindi-Turbo-Fan-Painting-Tool-A-Ma-Jig!

Which is a bristle protector from a paint brush taped to a another crappy Testors paint brush.  I use the Testors brushes for dry brushing, mostly.  They are tough.  And because of their quality, the bristles spread really nicely when ill-treated.

Here is what the fans looked like before...

Here is how this new Wonder Tool is applied...

Put a minimal layer of your dry brushing colors on and then simply twist.  I typically use 4 shades of the color (plus the black undercoat) when dry brushing.  Start with the darkest and work toward the lightest, applying less paint each time.

What you end up with is some nice, perfectly circular dry brushing patterns on the fans.  My hands are no longer as steady as they used to be so this was a big help.  The fans still need work, but you get the idea.

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