Sunday, June 9, 2013

Band of (Evil) Brothers

by Novus

My allied contingent of Imperial Guard Traitors, the Band of (Evil) Brothers, is finally done!  I am currently adding a Vendetta but these are the allies I normally use.  I've had pretty good success with the addition of these forces.  My army is by no means optimized, but I do OK.

HQ: Primaris Psyker
Troop: Veteran Squad (10 man, occasionally I swap in the Autocannon crew on the left)
Heavy: 2x Russ Executioners with Heavy Flamers

Using some of the AK weathering fluids (these fluids are awesome!), vital knowledge gleaned from a tank painting tutorial series by OrcPainterNerd (part 2 below), and my trusty airbrush, I finished my Leman Russ Executioners, Mortis and Dominatus.

Here are a collection of close ups of the big brothers...

I've never really tried to put decals on my armor before, but these came out ok.  There were tiny bubbles underneath in one or two places, unfortunately.  I was able to hide them with some painted on chips and a deft bit of airbrush matching.  So, now I have tanks #2 and #7 from the 812th armored company.

Much of the larger rusted portions are done with various paints.  The AK fluids just up the ante some.

I wanted a simple way to show that this is a traitor tank without permanently altering the thing as I may want to go back to loyalist in the future.  I just drilled a hole in the forehead of the icon and now it's a Nurgle worshipping crew!

These guys are hell on the table and now they look pretty good, too!  They usually kill 90% of my opponents troops and are super good at killing Terminators (3x small blast Plasmacannon shots from each tank in the squad)!  They draw a good amount of fire but tend to make it to at least turn 4 if I'm careful about facings.

Happy Bashing!

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