Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rick James Daemon Prince!

by Novus

I was over at Frontline Gaming the other night getting a game in with my buddy Pascal when Reece and the boys were looking over the Tentacle Maker work I've done on my army.  And, in the category of "Ideas I Wish I Had," Reece asked if I could put Tentacle Maker dreadlocks on a Daemon Prince he just threw together.

He was thinking something along the lines of the Queen of Blades.  Which I think I sort of achieved.  Her hair is more "twig-like," I suppose.  Which I could do, but the strands would be so thin that they would be nearly impossible to place.  And there would be LOTS of them.

The final product doesn't look at all like dreadlocks, but it did bring to mind Rick James's corn rows/braids.  Naturally, I had to go back and re-watch those clips from the Chappelle Show.  Comedy freakin' gold!

And here they are.  Be warned, harsh language ahead...

Anyway, here's how Reece's idea worked out...

"Charlie Murphy!!!"  POW!

I kinda wanted it to have a Kung Fu headband or crown (a-la Afro Samurai), not sure if I was successful, but Reece said he liked the work I did.  I'm really interested to see it painted.


"Cocaine is a helluva drug."


So, I guess this would be a DP of Slaanesh.

'Cause he's Super Free-kay! Yeah!


  1. Fantastic looking DP!!!!

    1. Thanks, Diz! Reece owns it but I'll likely make my own in the near future.


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