Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DzC: PHR Sirens - And How I Based Them

by Novus

It's a mad dash to get my army done for the BAO Dropzone Commander tournament.  I have roughly 10 days to complete my army!  I'm in a groove, so I think I'll pull it off.  It'll be close, though!

Sirens are the PHR heavy hitter, CQB-wise.  Lots of attacks per base.  They tend to kill by weight of dice alone.

Typically, Sirens get dropped directly into a building, ASAP.  Once they are in there, they are pretty hard to get out with regular troops.  You either need to send in specialists or just drop the building on their heads.

N Scale furniture (pretty close to DzC 10mm scale) is fairly expensive, so I went with an outdoor motif for these bases.

How I Based Them

I used the following materials to base my units:
  • Super glue
  • Fine sand
  • Toothpicks (to spread the glue)
  • Cork board
  • Diorama grass, bushes, and flower material (the cheap stuff)
  • Brushes, paints, and washes, of course

Blank base with Sirens painted in a very simple way.

Spread a layer of superglue onto a small section of the base.

Take a pinch of sand and sprinkle it onto the glue.  Let it cure before doing the next patch.

DO NOT DIP the base with wet glue on it into a jar of sand.  This will cause the glue to grab much more of the sand than you likely intended and cover important details like feet.

Add your other solid base details, like rocks, boulders, and chunks of building using torn cork board.

Paint with a medium grey.

Cover with black or brown wash.

Dry brush with your medium grey.

I then highlighted certain areas with the next two shades of lighter grey.  You can also give large chunks of building painted details, like I did above.

Add your vegetation.

Working with these small models has been fun.  DzC is a great way to combat 40k burnout.  Hopefully, the rumors of an upcoming Nurgle release will be true and I can get my mojo back in regards to 40k.

See you at the BAO!

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