Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DzC: PHR Tritons - Now With Tutorials!

by Novus

I've finally gotten around to painting my PHR stuff.  I figured since I'll be doing demos of the game at the BAO on Saturday and playing in the tournament on Sunday, I should probably not show up with a bare army.  I'm pretty sure I won't get everything painted in time, but I'll sure as Hell try!

The Triton above showed up with bubbles in the casting instead of rockets in the pod on the left.  I drilled them out completely and tried to make them look like they had been fired.

I tried a new technique with these: DIY pin washes made from oil paint and thinner.  Worked amazingly well.  So much better than GW washes for these 10mm models.

I had a problem with some Army Painter paint; it left some of the surfaces of the models gritty.  I did my best to fix it, but it turned into a real issue on the sides of the passenger sections.  They look horrible compared to the rest of the model.  Good thing they are hard to see!

I also got some P3 Armor Wash.  Another product that is freaking amazing!  Get some of this crap as it makes your metallic paints pop!

The oil wash was so nice to work with that I was even able to bring out the little tiny vents between the big wing jets!

How I Did The Camo Pattern

This is nothing new, but it gets trickier with these 10mm models.

First, I base coated with a medium grey.

Then, I laid out a blobby camo pattern using blue-tac.  This was not optimal as the blue-tac can pull the paint off the resin.  I'm now using Silly Putty and I haven't experienced the paint pulling issue again.

I tried very hard to get the blue-tac down onto the model in such a way as to prevent any fuzzy edges.  I was largely successful.

After a good airbrush of my Vellejo Aramanth Red (above), I pulled the blue-tac off and got a pretty good camo pattern (below).

Again, these being very small models, some of the edges weren't quite as crisp as I would have liked.  I ended up going back with a brush and neatening up the camo where I couldn't get the blue-tac to do what I wanted.  Mostly in/on the corners and recesses of the engines and rocket pods.

The BEST Oil Wash Tutorial I Found

This is a great tutorial on pin washing with oils by Wargamers Consortium.  Subscribe to their channel and show your love for great information!

More DzC stuff to come!  I hear Sirens!

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