Monday, November 10, 2014

C'tan Conversion

by Monkeychuka

This is probably a bad time to start getting into Necrons, what with all the anticipated Tyranid releases.  The Toxicrene/Maleceptor is out this weekend and I should be clearing the decks and breaking out the magnets. I even bought White Dwarf for the first time in nearly a year and I actually didn't regret it.

However I've been kicking around this conversion idea for a while now, so Necrons it is.  I decided to call it a 'Tesseract Cradle'.  Not entirely sure why, but its better than 'Tesseract Gazebo'.

The modelling opportunities for a Tessaract Labyrinth are a bit limited, given that its the size of a clenched fist and a huge Tesseract Vault would be noticed by my better half who would immediately conduct an audit of our joint bank account.  So this one is built out of a Triarch Stalker and the C'tan which comes in the Vault kit.  It has the added benefit of being able to fit in my model case.

In gaming terms, it could be used as either a Shard or a Transcendent.  The idea is that it was developed by the Necrons to conduct dangerous experiments on a live, manifest C'tan. Hence all the tubes and manacles.  I wanted to pose it hovering above it's prison, suspended by cables but my grey stuff wasn't really sturdy enough to provide a firm anchor.

In the end, I solved the problem by rolling gardening wire inside the grey stuff (above right) when using my Tentacle Maker Tool Box.  It works really well and you can constantly make minor changes to the cables without worrying about it snapping or becoming damaged.  Really handy when you are trying to position a model in mid air with 9 different cables coming out of it.

No idea how I'm going to paint this one.  I don't want to use my Rusticrons scheme.  They are all senile and demented anyway, having been woken from stasis too early by an ancient catastrophe.  They wouldn't have the resources or the enterprise to engineer something like this.  Its likely that they stole it from a neighbouring dynasty.  But how?  Hmmm.

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  1. Wicked cool conversion. As for the rusticrons...maybe this is the guy responsible for waking them up early? Could come up with a bunch of different ideas!

    1. Good idea (waking them up), Greg! It is some very impressive work. Hopefully, Monkeychuka will let me post the finished product.

    2. Yes, thats what I was thinking :) thanks for the comments

  2. That is phenomenal - beautiful build, man!

  3. Replies
    1. Follow up just posted this morning. Thanks for reminding me to ask him!


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