Friday, January 30, 2015

Fixing My Camera Part 2: The Battery Door

It was a simple failure.  A tiny tab of plastic.  A tiny, but vital, contour on a critical component of this complex and arcane device... the Coolpix L22 digital camera.

This stupid camera (which I still love, mind you) broke again.  Totally my fault as I'm not the gentlest with things like battery doors.  But, another fine benefit of owning a Coolpix is that parts are easy to find on Amazon.

Once I got the replacement door (in red because they didn't' have black), I had to fix the thing.  The first step is to remove the batteries and all the screws from the casing.  There are seven screws visible but I think only 6 need to be removed.

When these black screws are out just gently work a tool (or your fingernail) in between the halves and pry them apart.  An iPod separator tool would be good for this too.

Now that the insides can be seen, flip the screen over to the right.  To remove the metal bracket that holds the screen 4 silver screws must be taken out.  3 of these screws are covered by a black foam square that needs to be removed.  Be sure to place all of these parts in a safe place for when you have to put it all back together again.

With the silver screws out, lift the bracket from the circuit board.

With the bracket out, it's just a simple matter of pulling the hinge pin and replacing the door. 

Now I have a black camera with a red battery door...

Everything works again!  I'll get back to posting regularly next week.  I have a couple of projects running now: my DzC display board for the LVO and I did finally get my PHR army into a fully painted state (unless I add new models, of course).  Posts on those and other things are incoming!

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