Monday, March 16, 2015

Quick Tip - Moving Decals

by Novus

I've started using decals on my PHR force because I needed a better way to differentiate my Triton A1's from the A2's during the game.  So, I decided to add some unit markings using some GW decals I had laying around.  I liked how the first effort turned out (above) which then lead to me wanting to add the black diamond and skull to all of my units.

This was my first try at placing the decals on my Erebos, which seemed like a logical place; large, flat space that presented a great profile.  But, it looked funny compared to the other models that had the diamond/skull on the cockpit.

I had only a few sheets of these decals handy, so I had to make what I had last (I've since secured about 25 more sheets from my buddy Keno over at Frontline Gaming).  Is it possible to move a decal once it's set in place?  Turns out, yes it is.

Keep in mind that this cannot be done to decals that have already been sealed with gloss or dull coat or anything like that.

You'll need some Micro Set/Sol which is a mild solvent for decals.

What you'll do next is heavily brush some Set (what I used) onto the decal.  Then place a small bit of paper towel or even rag over the decal which should stick nicely due to the previous heavy brushing.

Then add even more Micro Set, soaking the towel in the liquid.

I let that decal soak for 2 songs (roughly 10 minutes), removed the towel bit, and then carefully picked up the edge of the decal with my tweezers.

Then it's just a matter of placing the decal at its new location!

The white diamond has since been removed and I see no difference in quality of the adhesion between the first and second sites.

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