Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Twin Eagles Tournament 2015, Winnipeg Canada

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I just got this email run down of the Twin Eagles event from Scott, the TO...

A week has passed since the Twin Eagles Warhammer 40k tournament took place and after finding some time to collect all the data and get a bit of rest, I've finally composed an email for ya to show you how the event went.  But before we get to the list, I just wanted to thank you and the Green Stuff Industries team again for supporting the event.

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There's a few of the 8 Tentacle Maker Tool Boxes there on the prize table, above!

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Twin Eagles was the most well sponsored event the city of Winnipeg has seen and as such, has gained a lot of attention from surrounding cities.   Next year we intend to push more into out-of-town players from surrounding cities and provinces.  Overall, the Tournament itself was a huge success, as was the event it was a part of.  Here's some quick facts for you that may be of interest.
  • 48k total traffic in through the convention
  • 26k foot traffic through the area where WH was hosted
  • Sponsor logos were displayed on the 82" projection screen throughout the 10 hour event. (The projector was hot enough at the end of the day to cook an egg!)
  • AYBOnline total ticket sales: 318
  • Twin Eagles Total ticket sales: 28 (Initial 24 tickets sold out within 12 hours. 4 more than capacity due to demand!)
  • Longest Distance Traveled by a player to attend: 2.5 hours
  • 21 games were played total
  • 26 warlords were slain
  • 3 models were broken
  • Approx 2600$ CAD in prizes were distributed to the players

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Next years confirmed-date; Oct 30th 2016!  Our location will change and tickets will be going on sale Sept 1st.  We  plan to increase capacity to 28 players, with 4 more seats as overflow (total 32).  While the demand for more is there, we don't want to grow so quickly that the quality of the event may suffer.

Please come and join us!  It's a great event!

Scott, it's always great to hear of a successful event.  We are happy you found our prize support useful and we look forward to next years tournament!

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