Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dropzone Bridge Terrain Complete!

Finally finished one of the Vers Nijmegen Bridge sets I set aside for myself.  Turned out pretty good so I thought I share how I weather and age my N-scale cars.
This is how I age my cars...
  1. Remove the glass from 90% of the cars that will be used.
  2. Spray flat red
  3. Sand down wheels to simulate flat tires
  4. Dry brush 2 colors of rust, starting with the lighter one. This should give you patches of rust with "older," darker rust in the middle.
  5. Use a light oil wash in the panel lines and wheels. Be sloppy about it.
  6. Apply other weathering like Tamyia fluids and such.
  7. Hot glue in place
  8. Apply grass flock and bushes
  9. Stuff shrub foam bits into the open windows (distracts from the lack of detail inside, but also conveys that the wreck has been sitting a long time)
 I'm very happy how it came out.  Now I just have to finish the other one.


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