Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dropzone Commander: Rare But Not Scarce

Something I've been considering lately is rare units.  For being rare, there sure seems to be a lot of them on the table sometimes.  Maybe if rare units were actually rare, we'd see the basic units (from the original book, or just plain non-rare units) come back to the game a bit more.

I've been thinking about how linking unit rarity to CV would effect list building.  The limit of 2 of the same rare unit still stands, as well.  For example...

A CV2 commander can call upon on 1 rare unit for the entire army list.
CV3 can call upon on 2 rare units for the entire army list.
CV4 can call upon on 3 rare units for the entire army list
CV5 can call upon on 4 rare units for the entire army list
CV6 can call upon on 5 rare units for the entire army list

For example: a CV4 PHR commander can take either 2 Medusa (same type limit) and a Hades or a Medusa, a Hades, and a Sniper Team but NEVER 3 Medusa.

How Might That Effect Each Army?


Rare Units

Effect: not really any at all unless the limit on the number of total units of one type is maintained, i.e. a max of 2 Ferrums per list.


Rare Units

Effect: could impact Scourge greatly as I have seen lists with 2x Screamer/Raider plus a corruptor or two.  My most recent CV2 Scourge list has two Corruptors and a Vampire though it did use a squad of Reapers and 3 squads of warriors at 999pts


Rare Units
Sniper Team

Effect: could impact PHR a bit.  2 Medusa and 2 Sniper teams is not unheard of.  That said, it's been a long time since I've used or faced 2x Hades and/or 2x Sirens.  Conversely, Valks could probably stand to be rare, as well.  I myself use a Medusa and a Sniper team regularly with a CV anywhere from 2 to 4.  I don't think I've used an Ares or Menchit A1 in at least a year or standard Immortals since the Snipers came out.  PHR could use some more rare units, I suppose.


Rare Units

Effect: None.  I was surprised to see that the Hedgehogs have no rare units.  Rarity is probably managed by the Mass number, instead).  That said, I'm surprised there wasn't a call for Panthers to be classed as rare on top of them being nerfed.


Rare Units
Barrel Bomber
Thunder Wagons

Effect: Significant.  I've recently faced 2x Hog, 2x Zhukovs squad, 1x Thunder Wagons with a CV2 commander.  I've also faced 2x Barrel Bombers, 2x Zhukovs, 1x Drill a few times with a low CV commander attached.  As I recall, neither of those lists had any Hannibals.  Why does Resistance have so many rares?  Rarity doesn't seem to split between Allied and Feral, either.  With that many, does "rare" actually mean anything for Resistance?

As it Stands,...
... we may be seeing so few basic units lately because why take those units when you can go cheap with your commander and load up on crazy-capable rares?

Like the idea of linking an FM reserve roll bonus to CV, this would also reflect that a higher rank commander means you get more options on the battlefield.  It also means that there would then actually be a reason for armies with weaker decks to take a higher CV commander.  I like the idea of building an army around a commander rather than throwing the commander in near the end of the build with the points you have left over (which seems to be the standard case).

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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  1. Hey, Rich.

    I don't do what you call "standard", that is, I pick my Commander first, to be sure I can afford the Commander I want for that list (for that faction).

    On the other hand, I will intentionally put a lower CV Commander in a Nemesis or a Hera, as opposed to a Zeus, simply because those commanders tend to die easier, and many of my regular opponents make a point of cutting off the snake's head as quickly as they can.

    With UCM I tend to take a lower ranking Commander because, simply, their cards suck. However, I would advise a Scourge or Shaltari player to take a higher CV Commander, especially Scourge, because of their superior command cards. That argument could also be made for PHR, but my experience is it's too easy to kill a Nemesis, and even a Hera, to justify anything higher than CV3.

    Interesting ideas on the Rare units, tho!


    1. Hey, JD! What CV do your opponents usually have? For the last year I've noticed that CV has generally gone down so as to fit the extra rare in. I've done it myself with dual Medusa. I think a lower CV tends to be thought of as an easily justifiable cut, especially when trying to cram in specific units. Thanks for your input, BTW!

    2. That's my point -- on this side of reality, most everyone takes the CV their most comfortable with, and don't try to trim the CV in order to squeeze in another Rare. I'm in the minority for taking a CV3 PHR Commander regularly, but if I switch back to a Zeus, I'd start with a CV4 and see if I could keep him at that level and still bring everything I want. I generally don't cut CV to squeeze something else in, since I find I cut more points than I need and/or could use up, and I cut more capability than I can afford if I do so.

      I think most UCM players take a Lieutenant, with a few Captains seen. Scourge tend to go really high for the Initiative and the cards, and Shaltari are generally CV4, often CV5, for the same reason.


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