Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two More Oblits Finished

Squirmy 1

As you will see, I completed two more Obliterators!  Now I have two painted squads worth!

Squirmy back

The dude above is my first major effort with a Tentacle Maker.  His larger tentacles, made with a SAW-050, were placed around a central pillar of green stuff.  On top of that I rolled out some smooth tentacles and used them to cover the joins to the Termie body.  I really like the overall look of Kang and Kodos, the Halloween aliens from The Simpsons… I wanted to emulate that with this model.

Squirmy Side

Bug Front

I wanted a caterpillar-like Oblit because from what I know of the fluff, these guys are always changing, always evolving. always adding new tech to their bodies.  What better analog than an evil carnivorous caterpillar?

Bug Side

The hoses on the back were created using a SAW-020 Tentacle Maker.  How I made the hose fittings can be seen in my Putting Fittings On Your Tentacle Maker Hoses post from a few weeks ago.

Bug Back

This once proud Space Marine Terminator is slowly draining from his armor and morphing into this horrible... THING!  I shudder to think what will be unleashed on the 41st millennia when he reaches his final form!

Bug Other Side


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