Monday, April 23, 2012

Dreadclaw Scratchbuild WIP


This is my Dreadclaw scratchbuild and my latest squad of Plague Marines, each a work in progress.

I’m using a 16oz Daisy Brand sour cream container for the body and the top of a plastic jar of peaches for the bottom iris section.  The fins and the top plate are all made using eMachineshop, the cutting technique from two posts ago, and a whole lot of 0.060” thick plasticard.  The layout and cutting have taken me about 4 hours so far.

It’s coming out pretty well, I think.  It might be a little wider than the original.  I know the design isn’t even close to the “real” one, but I’m not super hot on that model.  I needed to go my own way while keeping the general aesthetic.

Once all the drafting files are done, does anyone want me to post them in pdf?

The Plague Marines are my second squad (included for scale) and are based on a kit bash of WFB Zombies (a great kit, if repetitious) and your standard CSM kit.  Plus a bunch of green stuff and some of that awesome new textured paint.


  1. Looking the business so far, I'd love a PDF of the files!

    1. Thanks, Jim! I'll post them when I get the plasticard bits done. Still needs some blades, claws and spikes.


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