Thursday, July 12, 2012

Marker Madness!

Wreck Marker 1 small

Wreck Marker

These are a couple of my latest finished products.  This first one is a wreck marker I made using a Revell snap kit I had laying around for bits use.  It’s the track portion tarted up with some plasticard and tubes made with various Tentacle Makers.  Most of the engine parts are random leftover Robogear bits.  It will fit eight 28mm bases with ease.

Wreck Marker 2 small

It’s a little skinnier than a Rhino but it looks the part well enough when it’s on the table.  Plus, the base is about the size of a Land Raider so I get a dual purpose marker out of it!

This is the first time I’ve used the GW texture paints.  I think they work pretty good as mud on the treads!  I also used some crackle paint on the inside to represent melted parts.  I forget who made the crackle… sorry.

Wreck Marker 3

The base is simple 0.060” plasticard and texture paint that I airbrushed with Vellejo Olive Drab (I think) and some other greens that don’t show up too well.

I also used a sheet metal nibbler to bite out small sections of the armor.  It worked pretty good!

Wreck Marker 4

Objective Marker

I think I mentioned in one of my previous Battle Reports that my opponent Jeremy had this really cool objective marker he sculpted.  Well, he ended up molding some and he gave me one!   I put it on a base and painted it up as a Nurgle-ish glowing artifact.  It could still use a bit of work but it’s good enough, for now.

Objective Right

It’s on a 40mm base with the GW Mud texture paint.  Except for the black base coat, it’s entirely dry brushed.

Objective Back

I tried some basic zenithial/extreme highlighting by only using the lightest colors on the top and face.  It worked out OK as a first try.  I think I have a better understanding now of what those techniques are supposed to achieve.

Objective Left

I’m working on a “counts-as” Aegis defense line (see below) currently and should have some posts up on how I made that in the next week or two.

First 6th Ed Game

I had my first 6th ed game last night using a CSM/CD Epidemius list and lost horribly.  Got my tally up to 16 and then Keno killed Epi.  Bummer.

Once again, I had my camera out on the table and then totally ignored it.  I think I might have found the problem, though: If I start taking photos the Dice Gods smile on me (moslty because they don't want to fail on camera).  So next time I will start taking pictures when I walk in the door and hopefully the Dice Gods will wake the Hell up and put on their Sunday best and throw me a bone, for once!  Really bad rolling last night, plain and simple.

Either way, I like 6th, so far.  I don't think the randomness is such a big deal as it's random for everyone.  So you failed your charge with double one's.  Chances are, that has happened to your oppenent already, too.  Get over it.  I think the randomness adds a bit of tension and increases the number of "Oh, snap!" events, memorable events, during a game.  I guess that paints me as a "fluff" player even though I know virtually nothing about the 40k Universe.

The place I really have issues with randomness is in codices.  There is no place for that mechanic in a codex, it just singles out that one army and makes them unreliable compared to others.

Now that a Dreadclaw is an Assault flyer, I'm going to end up using it all the time now!  That thing is magic!

I'm not too hip on the Universal psyker powers.  Hopefully, the new CSM codex will give me some other, better, options.

Until then, I'll try to play low-point games.  CSM seems to perform better in 1000 point games.  I think because the other codices don't get to stack all their shiny toys on top of each other and steam roll a game.

All in all, it was a fun and educational game.  This coming week I'm going to play Keno in a CSM vs CSM game.  We'll see how that goes... I think he wants to see how the other side lives.  He's spoiled with the Blood Angels/Death Co.


  1. CSM really have one arm tied behind their backs right now, and Daemons don't really have the umph we need to compete. I'm sure we'll need to wait another month or three to get them back into the top tier. I was getting melted by necrons in my first game when we had to call it due to time, I really noticed I didn't have much in the way of tools to dismantle them. That was a 1000 point list. I'm considering trying the 4 autocannon havoc squad in my next CSM game. Saturday I believe I'll try out my deathwing for the first time (ever).

    1. Yeah, the AC Havoc squad is looking tempting. I really wish we could mark Oblits. That would be the bom-diggidy.

      Time is an issue. It took us about an hour to set up last night. Not sure if that was because of the newness of the rules or if that is just how long it takes with 6th ed.


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