Sunday, July 22, 2012

Active WIPs

Pre Shade Try 1

I’ve been working on a couple of things this week.  The first is: I finally just decided to paint my Dreadclaw.  I’ve been staring at it for a month to try and figure out what else I could add to it.  Well, I decided that paint would be a great thing to add.  I suppose I was victim to “analysis paralysis” because I just couldn’t bring myself to move forward.

I moved forward by trying my hand at some pre-shading.  I didn’t do it like most folks, mainly because I primer’ed it in black and then decided to pre-shade.  As I understand it, white is th preferred undercoat when pre-shading.  But the effect came out OK, I suppose.  Probably took a lot more paint than it should have because the black sort of eats it.

Pad 1 Pad 2 Pad 3

Also, I’ve been working on my sculpting.  I have a new squad of Chaos terminators but the kit doesn’t come with enough CCW’s.  I magnetized and added some sculpting to the AOBR arms (above) I had laying around and now my squad is pretty much WYSIWYG.


  1. Sculpting looks great. If you find any spots with a little bit of rough sculpting (marks from tools, finger prints, etc), grab a small sanding pad around 1800 grit and hit it with that until it smooths out.

    1. Good tip, Myles! I have one of those. I have tried sanding with courser grit and that didn't work so great. I'll go finer.


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