Thursday, July 5, 2012

CSM & CD Allies List – First Try


OK, so I decided to try my hand at Allies.  My list follows with an explanation as to why I chose these units.  I think I’ll head over to Frontline later tonight to see how it works.

Chaos Space Marines (Primary Army)

HQ – Typhus
With the new FAQ this guys has become sorta insane.  Looks really good in close combat!
Typhus Retinue
4x Terminator, 1 Chainfist and one Reaper Cannon, Nurgle Mark
Troop – 2x 6-man Plague Marines, 2x melta plus Champ with Power Fist
Compulsory troops
1 with a dedicated Rhino
Heavy – 1x 5-man Havoc Squads, 3x Missile Launchers and 1x Lascannon plus Champ with Fist and Combi-flamer, Nurgle Mark
Las for the punch and ML for the anti-horde option.  Do all ML’s get to fire at flyers now with Flakk Missiles?  Seems so.
Fortification – Aegis Defense Line with Icarus Lascannon and relay
Home for the Havocs.  The Champ Havoc can fire the Lascannon which makes him useful at long range, too!  Like the idea of the relay for Typhus’s Termie squad.

Chaos Daemons (Allies)

HQ – Epidemius
Took him for the Tally power.
Troops – 5x Plaguebearers with Epidemius joined for Look out, Sir!


The Plan

What I’m trying to do is get the tally has high as I can with the Marked shooty units as quickly as possible and drop Typhus’s termies in close.  I suppose I could also make all the termies Champs and then they could all Look out, Sir! each other.

Once the Tally is above 5 my Plaguebearers become sort of a PITA for the enemy, though there aren’t many of them.  They could be a tarpit that wounds on 3+ (or better)!  They should be able to chew through any troops nearby without too much difficulty once they are buffed.  Mostly they are there for the Look out, Sir! on Epidemius.

I could choose to not put Epidemius in the squad and designate him as the second half of the army.  That way, he’s out of harms reach for awhile and I can take advantage of the Tally when it gets high without fear of losing him early in the game.  Tally only works when he’s on the table, but losing him on Turn 1 would just be devastating.  Plus, this way I don’t have to send him in with the Assault troops (Plaguebearers and Typhus squad).

I can just drop the Bearers wherever I need them on the table and after turn 1 they should be ready to disract in the backfield.  I’m fairly confident I can do 5 wounds by turn 2.

I do have a question, though: If Daemons have only one squad (for example, Epidemius is made part of the squad) there is no way to split that Deamon army into halves.  Does that mean they come in on the first turn no matter what?  Or, are they just plain old Deep Striking reserves for CSM?

The only real problem I see with this build is that I have very little in the way of long-range high-strength anti-armor.  Really, only 2 Lascannons.  Not horribly worried about this as I think heavy armor is going to fade a bit now that it can be glanced to death.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hello,

    Pretty big problem, the FAQ for C:CSM does not allow any units to take Flakk missiles. In fact, no unit in the game has access to Flakk missiles. The only option for reliable anti-flyer damage is a C:D daemon prince or greater daemon with wings. Since you're going for epidemius in this one, you should consider a daemon prince if you're really worried about flyers. havocs are overcosted too, so I would definitely not take a lascannon on them.

    Not sure about the plague-star sans land raider, but the CSM land raider is still pretty lame in the current book (no grenades sadface) so my instinct is to not take any termies till the new book comes out and hopefully fixes them as an option.

    If you took a more generic HQ, dropped the termies and the havocs, you could get a few more plague marines, which honestly are the primary beneficiary of the tally.

    Not sure on the Daemon reserve question, my instinct is that they come in 1st round, but I'm not super certain.

    1. All excellent points, Ian.

      I didn't see that bit about the missiles in the FAQ. Thanks for pointing that out. Bummer.

      The whole point of the Havocs is getting the MLs. With Epidemius I want to have as many cheap long range higher powered shots as possible. Wounds, wounds, wounds! If I could mark Oblits, I certainly would.

      I'm not super worried about the lack of an LR because of the relay on the Aegis.

      I'll look at changing the HQ but I really like the idea of Typhus and all the buffs. Plus, the termies should be VERY hard to kill, being Nurgle and all. I think ultimately, the ROI on the termies is better with the addition of AP to CCWs.

      I'll test it out tonight and let you know how it comes out!

    2. Yeah, I figured that unit was kinda key, so not a big deal to keep in. The reason I think a LR is a good buy is you can move 6+disembark and move 6+ assault 2D6, which is pretty ridiculous range!

      The current state of missile launchers is depressing, im assuming GW will FAQ fix the flakks as a purchase option (not free, nothing is free, haha) once the Chaos dex drops and we get them in the book itself, haha.

  2. For Daemons, I would assume you still have to choose whether to nominate the unit as your primary wave or secondary wave. That first turn arrival isn't automatic!

    1. Ok, so you are saying I have to nominate my only squad and then roll? Essentially, I'd be rolling to see if I could place the squad on turn 1. Sorta makes sense, I guess.

  3. Well, due to a very sick wife I had to forego my game last night. So, I'll have to test it next week. Sorry all.

  4. Rich,

    I actually downloaded eMachineShop at your recommendation a day or two ago, but because it didn't immediately make sense to me, I did it up with Google Sketchup instead. I'm going to retry eMachineShop tomorrow and see if I can make a better turret.

    Is there any way to create a 3D model and unfold it in eMachineShop?

    Hopefully your wife feels better soon.

    1. My wife thanks you for the well-wishes! I replied via email, btw.


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