Thursday, January 24, 2013

Traitor Guard Vets Complete!

by Rich K

I've been running some IG allies for my CSM army with good success lately. So, I'm trying to get this contingent painted before the Daemon update drops and it totally distracts me with more shiny things to build and paint.

These are my DKoK traitors.  They are the few Kriegsmen who refuse to be enslaved by the False Emperor!

"Why should we fight and bleed and die for him still?  Krieg's debt has been paid a thousand fold! We must now fight to free our planet from the Emperors unforgiving grip."
Raul Ralphus, First Sargeant of the Free Krieg Forces

First Sargeant Ralphus

These are the lasgun veterans of the Free Kriegers...

Here come the plasmagunners!  See my previous post for how to kit bash them.

And when transport allows, they bring their kit bashed Autocannon!

The autocannon is mostly bashed from a WFB Tomb Kings chariot chassis, a Robogear cannon, a cable made with a Tentacle Maker SAW-020, and a couple of the Wargame Factory Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons guys.

I put the cannon up higher so it could fire over an Aegis Defense Line.  I'll try and add a pic of that later.  Also, the pointing guy in the bottom-most photo above is magnetized.  I take him off when they take the first of their two wounds.

Luckily there were no models in there when she decided to bed down.

My posting has slowed because work has picked up and I'm getting all my stuff ready for the Bay Area Open as early as possible.  I don't want to have to work my ass off the week before and not have enough time to finish my army and my vendor stuff.

As always, guest posters are very welcome!


  1. Death to the Heretic!

    That is one spiffy-looking autocannon, good sir. The rest of them really do look like quite the motley crew. Definitely looking forward to seeing them with the Aegis line and the rest of the army.

    Also reminds me that I should get cracking on getting my own DKoK army posted! hahaha

    1. Thanks, Myles. Now get back to work! I want to see those pics!


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